ProSource, OutSource or Internal Call Center QA Team?

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Should you Outsource your Call Center Quality Team?

Did you know that 45% of consumers that partook in the Alvaria Consumer Index 2021 Survey stopped doing business with a company due to poor customer service?  According to the same survey, 30% of Consumers were willing to spend 10% more with that company providing exceptional service?

So … how do you make sure that your agents are providing a fantastic customer experience every time?  One word … QUALITY!

An efficient Quality program that provides objective and customer-concentric evaluations makes a difference in agents’ ability to provide first-class customer service.

There are 3 main types of Call Center Quality Teams:

      1. Internal Quality Team
      2. Outsourced (offshored) Quality Team
      3. Pro-sourced Quality Team

Choosing the right one depends on the business’ needs and goals.

Contact Center QA Team Type 1

Internal Quality Team – Consist of Analysts and/or Supervisors that know and interact with call center agents daily, which are subject to bias and favoritism. These analysts tend to be made available to answer calls during high call volumes. From conversations with call center leaders, they complained that quality wasn’t being done. This is because the analysts were pulled to help manage call queues.  Which results in loss of coaching opportunities and agent behavior does not change.

Contact Center QA Team Type 2

Outsource (offshoring) Quality Monitoring Vendor – Audits are completed but in a check box mentality.  Since this work is outsourced to different countries because of lower wages, cultural issues arise.  Customers from the USA are quite a contrast from those in India, South America, the Philippines, etc.  The cultural difference is one word or tone away from losing a customer.  A quality program should contribute insight to all your customers’ expectations, and provides call center managers with appropriate information to properly coach agents.

Contact Center QA Team Type 3

Pro-sourcing Quality with BPA Quality  – Just like FedEx is an expert on getting packages from Point A to Point B on time, a Pro-sourced quality company is an expert in quality.  Listening to calls for quality is not a skill that everyone possesses.  It takes expertise in listening and analyzing calls for extended amounts of time.  Uncovering business intelligence to help a company reach goals and needs is all part of a pro-sourcing relationship.  Since most pro-sourcing quality teams are located where your customers live, it understands the culture and even regionalism of your customers.  In a pro-sourcing quality partnership, they work with your business expertise and couple it with an unbiased, customer-centric analysis that focuses on improving customer experience and loyalty.

When considering what Call Center Quality Team to incorporate into your business strategies, look for QA experts that provide insightful intelligence on providing excellent customer service to YOUR customers.

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