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Healthcare Customer Experience Tips

Healthcare Customer Experience CHALLENGES

Healthcare companies are targets for litigation due to regulations across their services to their customers. BPA Quality was asked to provide quality insights of high-risk areas such as HIPPA, Appeals & Documentation via the contact center.

Agent Soft Skills

It is imperative for healthcare agents to use positive soft skills to impact the overall member experience. Arm them with the skills they need to succeed in delivering top-notch service.


Customer Retention

Help develop service strategies to increase member participation in services like key medication programs, which reduces their costs and provides better healthcare outcomes.

Customer Satisfaction

Core metrics for any solid contact center, help your agents understand what it means to solve the issues and make the customers happy at the same time. For example, agents need to strategically handle transfers, so the customer effort is reduced and made easy.

Regulations & Service

Stay in compliance without sacrificing the service. Help your agents balance both needs for the best overall experience; while, ensuring HIPPA compliance.

Agent & Supervisor Training

Training designed specifically for healthcare contact center agents and supervisors, based on the feedback from best practices in the healthcare industry.


Make sure you don’t just compare yourself. Learn where you stand in the industry and against other best-in-class companies worldwide.

Healthcare customer experience successes

To find out MORE ABOUT HOW BPA helps the healthcare industry call center quality performances and uncover factors that affect their customer experiences, contact us today to discuss your customized quality plan.

BPA has helped clients improve eBusiness in such areas as prescriptions and mail-order drugs.  By using targeted evaluation strategies, we spotlight opportunities to increase member participation in key medication programs which can reduce their costs and better their health outcomes.

Steve Hide, BPA Quality Director for a Top Healthcare Company

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    Healthcare Resources

    How to support vulnerable customers

    We look at how to provide faultless assistance to vulnerable customers under a variety of different circumstances within the contact centre environment.


    Recognizing the importance of the Human Element in Customer Interactions

    As the QA sphere of influence grows, the need to capitalise on this key resource becomes imperative within your business.


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    The human element of a contact center

    The Contact Centre Expo is one of the highlights of our industry’s calendar. We review the key talking points from this year’s event.


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    Why Quality Monitoring is Important for your Call Center

    We examine Quality Monitoring for contact centres on many levels, right the way through to driving a Return on your Quality Investment.


    Maximising the Effectiveness of Call Center Quality Scorecards

    One of the main areas we are asked about by clients and potential clients alike is: “What is the ideal scorecard?”. We take a look.


    Agent Coaching – Why and How to Make it Effective

    Coaching is an integral part of a successful quality program; learn the pitfalls and KPIs for a successful coaching programme.


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    Call Center Lessons on Leadership

    Call Center Team Leaders are often required to make the transition from an experienced agent to a leader, seemingly overnight. However, the foundations of good leadership require a shift in mindset and the skills required are many and varied. 


    Call Center Quality and Business Transformation

    Call Center Quality and Business Transformation

    How you can utilise Quality Enabled Business Transformation to move your employees and business from a survive to a thrive mindset.


    Best Practices for Working from Home – Contact Centers

    Best Practices for Working from Home contact centers to stay connected and engaged with their teams and customers in the time of physical distancing.


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    Customer Service Empathy Training to effectively support vulnerable customers

    Vulnerable Customer training is an area we’re passionate about as it has a real impact on the level of service contact centres can offer, as well as the wellbeing and career enhancement of those who work in the centres.


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    Developing Agent Tone of Voice for your Contact Center

    The Agent’s tone of voice is key for any contact center to achieve excellence in customer experience. Core elements in call center CX.


    How to deal with an angry customer via the Contact Center

    Our expert team takes a look at how to keep your cool in the face of frustration within customer service and still provide a faultless service.


    Knowing What Good Looks Like – effective call center program

    Many organisations see QA as a compliance-driven, risk-based activity. The real value of QA impact is much larger with multiple touchpoints.


    Quality Monitoring RFP Template for Call Centers

    Building a successful RFP for these contact centre QA services will save you time, money and help you identify the best company.