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Welcome to Quality Perks Live Event & Podcast, where we dive into the latest trends in customer experience and the contact center industry over casual chats, coffee, and stories. This series is your go-to spot for refreshing conversations with industry leaders about what’s currently shaping our field.

Quality Perks is all about breaking down the barriers to insightful dialogue. Forget formal presentations; here, we sit back with a cup of coffee and share real stories, experiences, and insights that matter to you and your team. It’s the perfect blend of professional wisdom and personal anecdotes, making complex topics accessible and engaging.

Join us as we explore everything from innovative customer service strategies to the challenges and opportunities facing today’s contact centers. Quality Perks Live Event isn’t just another industry meetup—it’s where professionals gather to get inspired, share knowledge, and connect with peers in a laid-back setting.

So, if you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve in the contact center world while enjoying a good story and great company, Quality Perks is the place to be. Let’s brew some ideas together and transform the way we think about customer experience.

Stream Now season 3 episode 1,  Quality Perks with Valerie McSorley – Connector | Collaborator | Strategic Magic Maker
Discussing Heart Centered Leadership & Women In the Contact Center

Discover the transformative power of heart-centered leadership in the contact center industry with our captivating episode of Quality Perks! 🌟 Join host Karyn Dupree, co-host Neal Eggers, and our special guest, the illustrious Valerie McSorley, for an enlightening conversation over coffee ☕. Dive into the essence of leadership that prioritizes compassion, empathy, and authenticity, and learn how these values can inspire and guide teams to new heights. 🚀

In this episode, Valerie shares her invaluable insights from over 25 years of experience, emphasizing the critical role of connection, even in the digital age. Whether you’re a seasoned leader in the contact center arena or just starting, this discussion will illuminate the path to fostering meaningful connections, prioritizing well-being, and cultivating a positive culture in your organization. 💡


  • The definition and impact of heart-centered leadership 💖
  • Practical advice on staying connected and supporting your team 🤝
  • The importance of empathy and active listening in customer service 🎧
  • Strategies for empowering agents and ensuring their happiness for better customer experiences 😊

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your leadership approach and create a more engaging, supportive, and successful contact center environment. Watch the replay now and join us in embracing the future of heart-centered leadership!  🌟

Stream Now season 2 episode 8,  Quality Perks with Leslie O’Flahavan – E-WRITE Owner. Professional Writing Trainer & Coach. Plain language advocate. LinkedIn Learning author of 5 writing courses

Welcome to the Quality Perks Live Event Replay!

📽️ Relive the Insightful Discussion

Did you miss our exclusive live event on “Empathy in Contact Center Written Interactions” featuring the renowned Leslie O’Flahavan? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Welcome to the replay of this engaging and informative session.

🔍 What You’ll Discover:

🎙️ Guest Speaker Insights: Watch Leslie O’Flahavan, an expert in customer communications, share invaluable insights on the critical role of empathy in written interactions within the contact center.

Karyn Dupree, BPA Quality
Neal Eggers, BPA Quality
Special Guest: Leslie O’Flahavan, Principal and Owner of

🗓️ Agenda Recap:

1️⃣ Empathy in Written Interactions: Dive deep into the nuances of conveying empathy in written formats, including emails, chat, and social media, and understand its direct impact on customer experience.

2️⃣ Coffee Break: Enjoy a virtual coffee break as you delve into the latest trends in contact center quality monitoring, training, and customer experience management. Discover what fuels our conversations.

3️⃣ Q&A Session: Get answers to your burning questions about empathy, written communications, and more from our panel of experts

🌟 Why Watch the Replay?

Gain actionable insights to enhance written communication in your contact center.
Learn how to foster quality interactions between customers and agents.
Experience the enriching discussion and wisdom shared by industry leaders.

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The past Quality Perks Live Event is now at your fingertips. Simply click below to start the replay and embark on a journey to elevate the quality and empathy in your contact center interactions.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to access valuable knowledge and expertise. Let’s continue to raise the bar for excellence in the contact center arena. Enjoy the replay! 🚀🌟

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Stream Now season 2 episode 7,  Quality Perks with Daniel Reed – Customer Care Manager at HB Home Services

🎉 Missed Our Live Event? Watch the Replay! 🎉

🔁 “Quality Perks” Session Now Available for Replay If you couldn’t join us live, don’t worry! The insightful session of “Quality Perks” featuring BPA Quality’s Karyn Dupree, Neal Eggers, and special guest Daniel Reed  with HB Home Services is now available for replay.

💡 Revisit the Insightful Discussion on “Is the Art of Conversation Dead?” Our panel of experts delved into this thought-provoking topic, exploring the intricate balance between digital communication and the human touch in customer service. It’s a must-watch for professionals keen on enhancing customer experience and quality assurance.

🔗 Why Watch the Replay?

  • Access valuable insights from industry leaders.
  • Discover strategies to elevate your customer interactions.
  • Learn from the experiences of seasoned professionals in the field.

📅 Available Now on YouTube 

📢 Share with Your Network Know someone who would benefit from this discussion? Share the replay with them. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone interested in keeping the art of conversation alive in our digital world.

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Stream Now season 2 episode 6,  Quality Perks with Utibe Bassey, VP of Customer Experience with Dominion Power

In an industry where the focus is often on metrics and analytics, we’re here to bring you a fresh perspective that can potentially redefine the parameters of success in contact centers.

🎙️ Speakers:
Karyn Dupree, BPA Quality
Neal Eggers, BPA Quality
– Special Guest: Utibe Bassey, VP of Customer Experience

Join us in this stirring episode where we pair up with the insightful Utibe Bassey to explore an unconventional yet crucial KPI in contact centers – Love. Get ready to immerse yourself in a conversation that merges the heart and science of customer service.

☕ Topics to be Discussed:
– The Concept of Love as a Key Performance Indicator in Contact Centers
– Leveraging Empathy and Compassion in Customer Interactions
– The Perfect Brew: Integrating Love KPI with Traditional Metrics for a Holistic Approach
– Coffee Conversations: Stirring Discussions over a Cup of Warmth

🌟 Why You Should Watch?
Delve into the transformative concept of integrating ‘Love’ as a KPI to enhance the quality of interactions between customers and agents. Explore how this innovative approach can foster deeper connections and elevate customer experience.

#BPAQuality #QualityPerksSeries #LoveAsAKPI #CustomerExperience #CoffeeConversations

Stream Now season 2 episode 5, where we chatted with Elle Neal Data Scientist at BPA Quality UK | STEM Ambassador | Cohere AI Community Champion] about AI, Data Analytics, Coffee & Mermaids.

🎙️ Speakers:
Karyn Dupree, Co-host of Quality Perks
Neal Eggers, Co-host of Quality Perks
– Special Guest: Elle Neal

In this episode, we delve deep into the groundbreaking potential of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in reshaping the contact center landscape. Our experts, Karyn Dupree and Neal Eggers, team up with the dynamic Elle Neal to provide insights that promise to revolutionize customer experience management.


☕ What’s Brewing:
– Harnessing the Power of AI in Enhancing Customer-Agent Interactions
– Leveraging Data Analytics for Actionable Insights
– Special Segment: Coffee & Mermaids – A Conversation on Innovation and Inspiration

🤝 Join us for an engaging and insightful session filled with quality perks ☕️ that will inspire you to think beyond the conventional boundaries. Stay tuned for an invigorating discussion complemented by some coffee and mermaid AI tales to keep the spirits high and the conversation flowing!

#BPAQuality #QualityPerksSeries #AI #DataAnalytics #CustomerExperienceManagement #CallCenterQANews

Links discussed:

There’s an AI For That & Mermaid AI for Mindmaps 🧜🏽‍♀️


In season 2 episode 4, we’ll be chatting with Vern Fernandez, a strategic alliances manager, focused on contact center agent and customer experiences and go-to-market strategies on helping stakeholders solve their challenges and maximize investments. During our discussion, we’ll discuss real-time sentiment analysis and dig deeper into agent tone.

During our last discussion with Vern, he took us with him to his favorite #coffee shop and showed us how Jabra 🎧 allow for our current #customerservice gig economy to work for the new workforce.

Bring your ☕️ coffee and let’s make some 🗣️ NOISE!

Season 2 Episode 3 – Guest Milan Batinich, Motivational Speaker with Milan Motivates


In this episode of “Quality Perks,” the hosts discuss various topics related to employee engagement and communication in contact centers. Milan Batinich, a guest speaker, shares his insights on the importance of treating employees based on their individual preferences and needs, rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach.


📢 Using the “Platinum Rule” in employee engagement: Milan emphasizes the significance of treating employees the way they want and need to be treated, which leads to higher engagement and satisfaction.

🗣️ Communication preferences: Milan suggests asking employees about their preferred communication styles and adapting accordingly to foster better connections and understanding.

💼 Positive results: When employees feel valued and managed according to their preferences, it results in higher retention rates, increased productivity, and improved metrics such as first call resolution in contact centers.

💡 Attracting potential hires: Organizations that prioritize employee engagement and culture become more attractive to prospective employees during the hiring process.

👥 Frontline agents matter: The hosts emphasize the importance of taking care of frontline agents who interact with customers directly, as their experiences shape the company’s reputation and customer relationships.

Useful links:

Predictive Index Assessment  &  Milan Motivates

Season 2 Episode 2 – VERINT ENGAGE 2023


In this episode of Quality Perks, the hosts Karyn Dupree and Neal Eggers are joined by guest Matt Gryntysz. They discuss their upcoming participation at the VERINT Engage 2023 event in Las Vegas. They also talk about their coffee preferences and the importance of having a strategic vision and resources for a successful quality monitoring program.


⭐ The hosts and guest are excited about their participation at the Engage event in Las Vegas.

☕ Karyn enjoys Charleston organic medium roast coffee while Matt explores different types of coffee.

🔧 Having the right resources and bench strength is crucial for maximizing the value of a quality monitoring program.

🔍 A strategic vision helps identify opportunities and address challenges within an organization.

📈 Quantifying observations through speech analytics drives results and impacts key performance indicators.

👥 A dedicated team with experience and expertise in quality monitoring is essential for supporting organizations in achieving their goals.

Season 2 Episode 1 – Guest Shaun Marshall


In this episode, Shaun Marshall joins Neal Eggers & Karyn Dupree as a guest to discuss leadership and customer experience. They also touch upon the challenges of remote work and the importance of employee engagement.



☕ Neal, Karyn & Shaun talk about their coffee choices for the day.

🎯 Shaun emphasizes the significance of continuous learning and pouring back into others as a leader.

🏢 The hosts discuss the impact of leadership on industries and the need for attention to detail.

💼 Shaun highlights the importance of giving back to employees and providing them with opportunities to grow.

🌍 They address the Employee Engagement Gap and the challenges faced during the pandemic.

📈 Shaun emphasizes the need for trust and independence in remote work.

🔍 They discuss the importance of quality monitoring and speech analytics in managing contact centers effectively.

Episode 13 – September 30, 2022

Quality Perks Live event where we chat about #Coffee and Call Centers. In episode 13, we’ll be chatting with Neal Topf the President of Callzilla about contact center Quality & Performance Excellence.

Since 2005 Neal has led Callzilla, an outsourced contact center providing customer care and customer acquisition to top brands. Clients tap us to improve the customer experience, add channels such as live chat, gain market share among English and Spanish speakers, and more.

Episode 12 – August 31, 2022

Quality Perks Live event where we chat about #Coffee and Call Centers. In episode 12, we’ll be chatting with Lisa Diehl, SOCAP Director & Freshpet Director of Consumer Care about contact center networking and how it is important in adding the human element to vendor relationships.

*Lisa Diehl Bio*
Director, Consumer Care
Secaucus, NJ
Lisa defines strategies and solutions that improve the experience of Freshpet’s Pet Parents. She has a keen focus on the enhancement of operational effectiveness and is very committed to a high-octane, fun, and collaborative work environment that focuses on engaging and motivating her teams. Within Freshpet, Lisa is also a member of Freshpet’s Crises Management Team.

Lisa has over 35 years of experience in Consumer Affairs and has held a variety of managerial positions. Originally from Chicago, Lisa now resides in California but commutes regularly to Freshpet’s offices in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


Lisa has been a member of SOCAP for 11 years. She is currently serving on the Board of Directors for SOCAP, International, where she is now the Immediate Past Chair, after serving as the Chairman of the Board for 3 terms.

LinkedIn URL:
Twitter URL:
Facebook URL:

We are looking forward to your questions and insights!


SOCAP in Indy September 11 – 14, 2022  A Learning Symposium for CX Professionals — Meet Lisa & Neal in Indianapolis

Lisa’s networking connections through SOCAP and her success at Orbitz, Blue Diamond Growers & Freshpet

What SOCAP means: Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals

Lisa explained how she is able to bring her relationships and professional links with vendors (trusted partners) wherever she has gone in her career. As a SOCAP member, she has access to leaders across the industry to benchmark and captures the best ways to elevate customer care.

Listen to find out what we are drinking, hear Lisa’s cheerleader, and gather insights on the Voice of the Consumer.#QA #SOCAP #Freshpet #contactcenter #CSAT #businessinsights #businesssolutions

Episode 11 – August 25, 2022

Quality Perks Live event where we chat about #Coffee and Call Centers. In episode 11, we’ll be chatting with Vicki Herrell, #QATC‘s (Quality Assurance & Training Connection) Executive Director about contact center employee development.

We are looking forward to your questions and insights! #QA #QATC #employeedevelopment #contactcenter #CSAT #employeesatisfaction


Increase Company & Employee engagement by having multiple touch points each day, as often as possible. Working in a virtual environment, have your cameras on for more engagement. Rewards / Recognition on an individual basis is more important now. Find out what motivates the individual. #donuts #wine #coffee #callcenterlife #employeesatisfaction #recognition #corporateculture #quietquitting #boomerangemployees #virtualengagement #musclemilk #caffeinefree

Neal’s Coffee:

Karyn’s Coffee:

Vicki’s Morning Drink:

RESCHEDULED from August 23, 2022

Episode 10 – June 10, 2022

Special Guest – Gregg Stone, Account Executive at Verint

Gregg Stone from Verint joins our coffee crew to discuss How brands can utilize every customer interaction as a competitive differentiator. He defines Engagement Capacity Gap that contact centers are experiencing now due to COVID and the changing dynamics of both customers and employees.


How brands can utilize every customer interaction as a competitive differentiator. Differentiators like enhanced Brand Loyalty & LOWER COST of Support

#BrandLoyalty #CSAT #NPS #CustomerEngagement #SpeechAnalytics #CenterofExcellence #

Episode 9 – May 6, 2022

Special Guests:

Christine Clarson, VP Global Strategic Partnerships at BPA Quality

Steve Hide, Director of Healthcare Client Services at BPA Quality

Coffee & Call Center Quality Chat with BPA Quality & Guests. In episode 9, please join Neal Eggers, Karyn Dupree, Christine Clarson & Steve Hide as we discuss coffee, Healthcare Customer Experience via the call center.

Christine Clarson is the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at BPA Quality. She has been working in the Healthcare and Call Center/Customer Service Industries for over 20 years. In her current role, she assists BPA’s Healthcare client to improve their business, advisor representatives’ performance and ultimately their customer experience levels.
Christine is recognized as an Expert in the Healthcare Patient Assistance arena and has presented at many healthcare conferences on the benefits of Patient Assistance Programs for the Patient, the Physician and the Hospital. Her experience drove her to found a Patient Assistance Service program that works with large healthcare facilities nationwide to coordinate free pharmaceuticals for their indigent, uninsured and underinsured patient population. When she isn’t working she enjoys classic cars and driving her own classic car on the weekends.

Steve Hide is the Director of Healthcare Client Service at BPA Quality. With over 20 years in both the healthcare and call center/customer service industries, he obtained both Lean Sigma Green & Black Belts and is a Certified Change Practitioner.
As a Director of Healthcare Client Services, he focuses on finding gaps in processes (and usage), highlighting success rates when using system tools (vs. not using), and helping to maintain/meet government requirements.
Due to his passion for improvement initiatives, he was instrumental in leading process improvement initiatives at a transplant institute to help minimize errors in billing potential donors.
On a personal note, Steve enjoys writing and using Bitmoji!

Get ready for a great #Coffee chat on Friday, May 6th!

Episode 8 – April 22, 2022

Special Guest:

Yvette Renda, Director of People Development & Training at BPA Quality

Coffee & Call Center Quality Chat with BPA Quality & Guests. In episode 7, please join Neal Eggers, Karyn Dupree, & Yvette Renda as we discuss coffee, agent/manager training role in call center quality.

Exciting news …

Yvette is a #COFFEE CONNOISSEUR! This is going to be a Quality Coffee Chat by all definitions!
#CX #VOC #QA #callcentertraining #callcentercalibration #businessintelligence

Episode 6 – April 5, 2022

Special Guests:

Matt Gryntysz, Director of Analytics at BPA Quality

Dane Newman, Insight Product Manager at BPA Quality UK

Discussing Coffee & Business Intel with Call Center Analytics and adding the Human Element to uncover opportunities to provide better customer experiences.

Dan describes how he and Matt have become Data Storytellers by using Root Cause Analysis to convey the story and understand how to manage it. They look for problems to solve and use the data to uncover the best solutions. Take a listen!

“Data without Insights is Meaningless.”


Episode 5 – March 29, 2022

Special Guest: Stephanie Taylor, Vice President of Client Services North America

Discussing Coffee & #PumpkinSpice Creamer Commitment PLUS Call Center Quality Key Drivers on Budgets – not only on costs but what it saves. 

Start with the Voice of the Customer to improve #CX. 

“Data without Insights is Meaningless.”


Episode 4 – March 22, 2022

Special Guest:

Martin Teasdale, Senior Director of Quality Experience UK

Discussing Coffee & Celebrating 100 Successful Episodes of ‘Get Out Of Wrap’ Podcast hosted by Martin

Martin shares what he has learned over the 100 episodes about the call centre industry.


Episode 3 – March 8, 2022 – Quality Perks with BPA Quality

Your hosts: Neal Eggers, Vice President of Managed QA Services North America & Karyn Dupree, Senior Director of Quality Solutions

A Call Center Coffee Chat


Episode 2 – March 1, 2022

Your hosts: Neal Eggers, Vice President of Managed QA Services North America & Karyn Dupree, Senior Director of Quality Solutions

Special Guest: David Blackwell, President of BPA Quality

Discussing Coffee & the Motivation Behind BPA Quality Inception 30+ Years Ago – From Training to Data Analytics & Business Intelligence from the Contact Center

Big Question: Would you employ this agent?


Quality Perks Call Center Coffee Chat

Episode 1: Quality Perks – Coffee & Call Center Quality Chat – February 23, 2022 THE PILOT Episode

Want to establish a Call Center of Customer Excellence? Talk to the Experts at BPA Quality.

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