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A Total Solution Approach to Call Center QA Services for Over 30 Years & in Over 45 Languages

Are you seeking ways to boost your call center’s productivity?

Allow BPA Quality to assist you in achieving your goals. We have a team of seasoned experts who specialize in various areas such as customer experience (CX), data analysis, speech and sentiment analytics, sales and support performance, AI human verification, training, coaching, and scorecard design.

When you leverage our knowledge and skills, you can tailor your path towards excellence and effectively implement actionable quality assurance measures that yield tangible results.

Contact Center QA Services by the Experts in Quality

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BPA Quality offers solutions tailored & scalable to adjust to your ever-changing business


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Case Studies & White Papers highlighting our Customers' Successess

Samsung Call Center Quality Case Study

With both call centers outsourced to third parties, Samsung needed a partnership approach, where all parties would work together to review the quality assurance framework and make improvements to the customer support experience.


British Gas

British Gas uses BPA Quality Builder’s Calibration tool to further improve their quality management. The quality platform has delivered improved reliability, better ease of use, the ability to make changes more quickly and enhanced functionality.



Our work with Dignity helps ensure that sales are being made ethically and in line with not only the FPA guidelines but also with their own exacting standards.


Call Center Quality Software – the BPA Quality Builder

Built by QA people for QA people, our software provides leading technology to support the delivery of all aspects of your QA programme.


Quality Monitoring RFP Template for Call Centers

Building a successful RFP for these contact centre QA services will save you time, money and help you identify the best company.



Radian is an award-winning organisation, employing over 1000 staff, providing nearly 21,000 affordable homes across the south and providing care and support to over 450 people across the South East, through Radian Support.


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Why Quality Monitoring is Important for your Call Center

We examine Quality Monitoring for contact centres on many levels, right the way through to driving a Return on your Quality Investment.


Insurance Collections Bureau

With no previous quality assurance programme or training in place, ICB were keen to develop a standardised approach to measure the quality of service that they provide. They identified that they needed a Quality Assurance Performance Management Programme.


Empathy as a coachable Emotional Intelligence competence

Special Interest Group: Exploring Empathy

Our latest SIG included a brief introduction to the topic of Empathy as a coachable Emotional Intelligence competence, and a focus on delivering feedback to remote teams.



As well as improving the customer experience, our work with USwitch also had an impact on sales performance; demonstrated by an increase in sales of 12% year-on-year across two outsourced call centres.


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