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BPA use their experience to proactively gather insights and analyse data outside of the core compliance monitoring – always suggesting where we can make improvements – which is making a real difference.

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Speech Analytics Driven Call Center Quality

Intelligent Quality (IQ) is where the human element meets AI speech analytics to take your call center quality program to the next level.

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Using the power of Speech Analytics, BPA Quality experts develop a strategy to enable your agents, managers, and business to provide the best customer experience while keeping you on the cutting edge of insights & innovation.

QA & Speech Analytics Experts dedicated to your business goals & outcomes.

Maximize the benefits of blending call center speech analytics & human listening that targets competitive drivers in improving KPIs that matter the most to your company’s success. Our Augmented Intelligence team assists with machine learning to new or existing analytics programs to capture actionable intelligence.

BPA’s Intelligent Quality solution team does the analysis for you, so you can focus on driving your business forward.

IQ Success

Our data analytics team works with you to produce reporting that will innovate and move your business forward. Their role is to provide data and feedback tailored to uncover business intelligence that delivers maximum ROI & positively impacts agent and business performance.

Augmented Intelligence Managed Analytics assists in  machine learning to capture Actionable Intelligence

Ingestion & Reporting Process

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Intelligent Quality Options


Integrating Intelligent Quality into Existing Human Monitoring

Ideal for clients that want to expand the capability of their human-based QA processes by gaining insight into a larger sample of calls. BPA Quality assists companies with machine learning of existing Speech Analytics programs and then captures actionable intelligence via Expertled Intelligent Quality Deep Dives (Augmented Intelligence).

It’s perfect for monitoring script compliance or attributes where there is a clear binary measurement or for highlighting calls that may present a risk to the customer experience such as increased Customer Effort or Negative sentiment.  


Providing Business Intelligence & Solving Challenges

Designed to focus on specific challenges affecting your business and/or insights that you may not be aware exist. Our team of data scientists uses their expertise to suggest effective solutions that quickly improve performance and outcomes.

Examples of TQI (Targeted Quality Insights) are often aimed at improving FCR, reducing repeat calls, and measuring the impact of changes in service or new product launches.

Why BPA Intelligent Quality | Human Listening + Speech Analytics?

Obtaining detailed reporting providing actionable insight and intelligence helping you gain an enhanced understanding of customer experience and what a great experience looks and sounds like

Identify Behavioral, Systemic, and Workforce Management insight and actionable intelligence

Spot high effort customer touchpoints – identifying process and customer journey improvements, together with targeted workforce optimization solutions

Support the delivery of consistently superior service across every channel and customer touchpoint through monitoring and measurement of service performance

Identify any training needs or performance issues and define targeted coaching programs that reinforce employee knowledge, enhance performance and service execution

Align company-wide focus on improving customers’ experiences to ultimately increase customer loyalty, repeat visits, sales and return on investment

Augmented Intelligence Managed Analytics

Enhance the service delivered to your customers by improving customer satisfaction and retention

Increase sales and customer loyalty by providing customers with the experience they want and expect

Ensure compliance with legal requirements to maintain a positive brand image, avoid potential issues and complaints

To support sales and marketing activities, gaining a greater understanding of how products and services are positioned and service delivery quality; insights gained can be used to reposition product messaging

Partnership Approach

Managing a Speech Analytics program is a big job. For that reason, BPA provides services that can support this activity efficiently and effectively. Our support is tailored to your specific needs, be it augmenting your current team to fully managing your QA data analytics activity, to delivering full turnkey solutions

Speech and Text Analytics

BPA Quality helps our Clients maximize the benefits of using speech and text analytics tools as an enabler to delivering exceptional service and business outcomes.

For example, we may manage the process of periodic updates to the speech dictionary, phonetic tuning, and incorporation of brand-specific terms. When not managing the platform, and equally important, our analysts work with you to generate business insights from your Speech Analytics provider (Verint, Nice, Nexidia, Call Journey, BPA Quality QA tool, etc.), discovering the “who, what, and why” of issues to drive organizational change.

Why it works:

  • No need to purchase software – analysis of calls is provided using state of the art speech analytics technology
  • Maximize your investment by only evaluating the number of calls that statistically provide the best insights
  • BPA Behavioral Scientists do all the analytics & management of creating queries & producing detailed reports
  • We combine & correlate additional data, such as CSAT & NPS scores, to capture a 360-degree view of CX and Agent performance
  • Completely tailored to your needs & goals – the BPA team of experts aligns with your goals and becomes an extension of your team
  • Flexible solution that can ramp up or down depending on business needs

Best of all … BPA Quality does the analysis for you.

Ready to harness the power of speech analytics in your call center?

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    Here at BPA Quality we view Analytics technology as a fantastic enabler for the Contact Centre industry. Speech and Interaction Analytics can deliver insight at scale, freeing your QA resource to focus on value add activity that technology can’t replicate such as emotion management. It can also enhance organisational awareness of areas such as risk management, deliver operational efficiencies opportunities and identify potential Customer Experience improvement outcomes.

    Pete Dunn, EMEA Community Engagement Manager