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prosource, outsource, or internal call center qa

ProSource, OutSource or Internal Call Center QA Team?

So … how do you make sure that your agents are providing a fantastic customer experience every time they interact with customers?  One word … QUALITY!


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Elevating Call Center Customer Service Excellence with Energizer Training & Development

At its core, the Energizer Training & Development program focuses on four critical aspects: identifying customer needs, active listening, expressing empathy, and developing customer relationships.


The Role of Contact Center Psychometrics in Enhancing Customer Interactions

Psychometrics, an often-overlooked tool, can significantly boost the quality of interactions and feedback. In this article, we’ll delve into psychometrics and its benefits for contact center leaders.


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how to improve customer experience with BPA Quality Managed Services and outsourced quality monitoring
how to improve agent performance
How to align Call Center CSAT/NPS

Our QA scores and CSAT/NPS scores are not aligned

How to align Call Center Scores like CSAT, NPS, and QA for the best customer experiences


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Agent Coaching – Why and How to Make it Effective

This white paper will explore coaching as an integral part of a successful quality program. We will discuss the pitfalls and key performance measures required to make any coaching venture successful.


Best Practices for Working from Home – Contact Centers

Best Practices for Working from Home contact centers to stay connected and engaged with their teams and customers in the time of physical distancing.


Samsung Call Center Quality Case Study

With both call centers outsourced to third parties, Samsung needed a partnership approach, where all parties would work together to review the quality assurance framework and make improvements to the customer support experience.


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