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How to deal with an angry customer via the Contact Center

Our expert team takes a look at how to keep your cool in the face of frustration within customer service and still provide a faultless service.


how can contact center ai really show empathy?

Unleashing the True Potential of Contact Center Teams: Beyond the Realm of AI

Contact Center Ai is NOT Enough

In an era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often hailed as the game-changer in customer service, it’s crucial to remember the irreplaceable value of human touch. Contact centers are not just about resolving queries; they are the nurturing grounds for empathy, understanding, and genuine connection.


Call Center call center customer service Energizer training

Elevating Call Center Customer Service Excellence with Energizer Training & Development

At its core, the Energizer Training & Development program focuses on four critical aspects: identifying customer needs, active listening, expressing empathy, and developing customer relationships.


call center coaching skills
how to improve agent performance
How to handle an irate customer in a call center?

How to handle an irate customer in a call center?

5 Proven Steps to Handle an Irate Customer
There’s no way of telling what type of customer you are going to be dealing with on the next email, web chat, or phone call


20 Call Center QA needs

20 Call Center Quality Assurance Needs – the Big Picture

20 Call Center QA Needs for a successful Quality Program


Omnichannel Customer Experience – Can you please everyone all of the time?

How do you keep everyone happy and ensure that your service is always quality assured? You can’t please everyone, but these tips will help.


Effective Call Center Quality

Podcast: The 4 Pillars of an Effective Quality Framework in the Multilingual Contact Center Setting

BPA Quality’s EMEA Quality Solutions and CX Manager Helen Beaumont-Manahan appeared on the Rutz Consulting podcast to discuss the four pillars of an effective quality framework in a multilingual contact centre.


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