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You worked closely with me to build a blueprint of what Coaching aspects needed to be touched on and you went over detail/examples that I have never thought of or viewed in the way you went over it. You also have demonstrated your willingness to work with the Leadership Team at the Patient Access Center and myself under extreme circumstances. Which did not go unnoticed. It has been an absolute joy to work with you and I cannot wait to see where our collaboration will go in the future.

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Over 30 years of expertise in helping some of the world’s biggest brands deliver on brand promises and customer contact excellence.

As your partner, we fully address your specific needs and cultivate necessary behaviors to accelerate business results and goals.

Successful contact center training built on relationships

Emotional Intelligence once considered a ‘nice to have’ soft skill, is now recognized as a core skill in the workplace. Our expert call center trainers understand this fundamental shift in the future of work and how the interplay of psychology and behavioral science – the ‘Human Element’ – drives all aspects of customer service delivery.

Partnering with our clients maximizes the empirical impact of human interactions at every customer interaction, starting with a thorough assessment of individual and collective development needs for your team (call center training needs analysis).

We work hard to fully understand your unique business and identify the right interventions for your people to level up performance.

Recognizing that training is just the start of people development, our action-planning modules focus on support and buy-in to inspire participants to apply new, proven call center & supervisor skills that enhance their real-life workflows.

Bring the Human Element to the heart of your business with BPA Quality Training & Development

Call Center Training Needs Analysis

Call Center Training Needs Analysis

Our expert trainers will partner with you to enhance the knowledge and behavior requirements of the contact center. We then measure this against the current skill levels of the team to identify any gaps.

Tailored Call Center Training Courses

Custom Contact Center Training

We have a comprehensive suite of ready-to-deliver courses which act as a base point for developing a cost-effective tailored training program for you.

Call Center Coaching training

Call Center Coaching

With over 30 years of experience in contact center quality, we provide coaching around your quality assurance framework and customer experience goals.

This gives you a fresh perspective on how to tackle specific business challenges and drive continuous improvement.

action centered learning

Action Centered Learning

We recognize that action planning is an important process for any high-performing team. Action Centered Learning is integral to all our training interventions.

Our workshops focus on tangible actions to be implemented back in the workplace and drive continuous improvements that accelerate contact center success.

call center train the trainer

Train the Trainer

Our train the trainer program develops your key people in management and supervisory roles. We give them the skills and knowledge to train effectively. This includes the process of delivery, presentation skills, facilitation, coaching, managing group dynamics, etc.

Our most asked for contact center training modules

Delivering a great Customer Experience to vulnerable customers - Training by BPA Quality

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Webchat - delivering a great Customer Experience training - Training by BPA Quality

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Quality assurance in the contact center - Training by BPA Quality

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Managing change in the contact center - Training by BPA Quality

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Handling conflict in the contact center - Training by BPA Quality

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Employee engagement in the contact center - Training by BPA Quality

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Emotional Intelligence in the contact center - Training by BPA Quality

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Effective call center team leading - Training by BPA Quality

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Effective call handling - delivering a great Quality Experience - Training by BPA Quality

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Coaching to improve performance in the call center - Training by BPA Quality

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Achieving sales through service - Training by BPA Quality

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Agent Coaching – Why and How to Make it Effective

Coaching is an integral part of a successful quality program; learn the pitfalls and KPIs for a successful coaching programme.


call center management, call center leadership, call center leadership training

Call Center Lessons on Leadership

Call Center Team Leaders are often required to make the transition from an experienced agent to a leader, seemingly overnight. However, the foundations of good leadership require a shift in mindset and the skills required are many and varied. 


customer service empathy training

Customer Service Empathy Training to effectively support vulnerable customers

Vulnerable Customer training is an area we’re passionate about as it has a real impact on the level of service contact centres can offer, as well as the wellbeing and career enhancement of those who work in the centres.


How to deal with an angry customer via the Contact Center

Our expert team takes a look at how to keep your cool in the face of frustration within customer service and still provide a faultless service.


agent tone of voice

Developing Agent Tone of Voice for your Contact Center

The Agent’s tone of voice is key for any contact center to achieve excellence in customer experience. Core elements in call center CX.


contact center training during a pandemic

The shifting dynamics of training in a pandemic

We’re passionate advocates of the power of good training programmes, and we know it’s one of the most important investments a company can make. One of the interesting things about the pandemic is the way it has changed the training landscape. What was once a nice-to-have is becoming ever more commonplace.


call center skills

Training partnership with CCMA offers enhanced contact center training for all

We are delighted to announce that we’ve extended the reach of our excellent training programmes by partnering with the CMMA and delivering some of our course titles through their comprehensive open schedule of courses.


Coaching the contact center – The art of conversation: Part Three

In the final instalment of our series on the art of conversation, Helen Beaumont Manahan discusses why coaching the contact centre is not a competition.


Call Center Manager Challenges According to ChatGPT


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    BPA Quality conducted a Virtual Training that was not only informative but showed multiple sides of how to approach different situations that come up daily. They worked closely with me to build a blueprint of what coaching aspects needed to be touched on and you went over detail/examples that I have never thought of or viewed in the way you went over it.

    Assistant Director, Finance – Montefiore Patient Access Center