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If you are a Customer Experience Professional are you also a good customer?

In this blog, Craig Antonucci, our CCO looks at how customer experience professionals can sometimes lose sight of how to be a good customer.

It was 5 am, and the second nurse of the morning had just left, gathering my morning vitals for the records. I laid starring at the dim light, listening to the beeps in the background, a common element of my second week-long hospital stay in 6 months.  Then he started, again. “Where are my damn medicines! Don’t you people know what you’re doing! I’ve called 3 times; you are all idiots!” The man next door was the epitome of the grumpy old man, not a care in the world for anyone but himself and his own plight. The story was the same every morning, and several times a day. He would scream and scream, never seeming to get what he really wanted.

When the next nurse visited me, I asked him, “How do you deal with him? Why doesn’t someone tell him he can’t act that way?” My protective nature came out, defending the nursing staff from the onslaught of this horrible person. I’ve always learned in life that the two people you are always sure to be nice to are the people who bring you food, and the people who provide health care. Both have the power to make your day a great one or a miserable one. The nurse answered, “We have to, so we just let him scream, smile and do our job.” I also learned in this conversation that I was one of the more favored patients in the ward, simply because I was so nice to all of them (see above life lesson.) This got me to thinking about our profession as providers of customer service…whilst we strive for great customer experience, are we also great customers or are we hypocrites?

I can remember on more than one occasion, having a meal with a colleague in which they treated the waiter like a servant. This, coming from a customer experience professional! It’s almost as if they forget what it’s like to be on the other side when they take the role of the customer. This, however, never stopped them from complaining about the difficult customers they have to deal with daily.

Customer Experience Professional & Call Center Quality

I think about where I work,, and how we are an outsourced provider of contact center quality. Primarily, we are the provider in the relationship, but we have vendors too. I think about all of our customers and how they interact with us. I would ask you as the reader to tell me if you have vendors that you work with, how do you treat them? Do you take the partnership kind approach, or are you the demanding old man in the next room? Do you treat your vendors like you expect your agents to treat your own customers? In the end, this goes for everyone… our vendors, our employees, our partners, and business connections. Do we extend this same kindness and professional courtesy at all levels of our organization?

While my stay in the hospital was difficult health-wise, I have to say that the staff there gave me exemplary care. I attribute this mostly to their professionalism and skill as a team but can’t help thinking that the positive interaction I had with them daily, even in the face of difficult times, led to a more positive outcome for everyone. They delivered to me what I needed, and they, in turn, wanted to deliver to me what I needed. So, the next time you find yourself on the customer side of the interaction, draw upon your professional wisdom of how you treat your very own customers and act accordingly. It’s amazing what you can get done.

Craig Antonucci, CCO @ BPA Quality

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