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You worked closely with me to build a blueprint of what Coaching aspects needed to be touched on and you went over detail/examples that I have never thought of or viewed in the way you went over it. You also have demonstrated your willingness to work with the Leadership Team at the Patient Access Center and myself under extreme circumstances. Which did not go unnoticed. It has been an absolute joy to work with you and I cannot wait to see where our collaboration will go in the future.

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Why Choose BPA Quality for Your Call Center Training & Your Team’s Development?

Over 30 years of expertise in helping some of the world’s biggest brands deliver on brand promises and customer contact excellence.

As your partner, we fully address your specific needs and cultivate necessary behaviors to accelerate business results and goals.

Successful contact center training built on relationships

Emotional Intelligence once considered a ‘nice to have’ soft skill, is now recognized as a core skill in the workplace. Our expert call center trainers understand this fundamental shift in the future of work and how the interplay of psychology and behavioral science – the ‘Human Element’ – drives all aspects of customer service delivery.

Partnering with our clients maximizes the empirical impact of human interactions at every customer interaction, starting with a thorough assessment of individual and collective development needs for your team.

We work hard to fully understand your unique business and identify the right interventions for your people to level up performance.

Recognizing that training is just the start of people development, our action-planning modules focus on support and buy-in to inspire participants to apply new & proven call center skills that enhance their real-life workflows.

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Training and coaching thought leadership

agent tone of voice

Developing Agent Tone of Voice for your Contact Center

The Agent’s tone of voice is key for any contact center to achieve excellence in customer experience. Core elements in call center CX.


call center management, call center leadership, call center leadership training

Call Center Lessons on Leadership

Call Center Team Leaders are often required to make the transition from an experienced agent to a leader, seemingly overnight. However, the foundations of good leadership require a shift in mindset and the skills required are many and varied. 


coaching call center agents

Agent Coaching – Why and How to Make it Effective

This white paper will explore coaching as an integral part of a successful quality program. We will discuss the pitfalls and key performance measures required to make any coaching venture successful.


call center quality monitoring importance

Why Quality Monitoring is Important for your Call Center?

This Contact Center Quality White Paper will examine Why Call Center Monitoring is important on many levels, starting from the basic reason to monitor your calls all the way to what drives a return on your Quality Investment.


BPA Quality conducted a Virtual Training that was not only informative but showed multiple sides of how to approach different situations that come up daily. They worked closely with me to build a blueprint of what coaching aspects needed to be touched on and you went over detail/examples that I have never thought of or viewed in the way you went over it.

Assistant Director, Finance – Montefiore Patient Access Center

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