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Effective call handling – delivering a great Quality Experience

Having productive conversations is at the heart of a great Customer Experience. This training option explores all aspects of how to increase Customer Experience, understanding that harnessing the ‘Human Element’ is crucial to success.

Using the Call Cycle, participants will develop their own quality standards for effective call delivery, and recognize that getting the Customer Experience right leads to increased sales and revenue, a decrease in complaints, and improves the ability to surprise and delight the customer.

Benefits to Your Business


  • Improved overall consistency & quality of call performance in the contact center.
  • Increased sales as agents understand how to build effective customer relationships.
  • Increased positive word-of-mouth referrals, lowering the cost of client acquisition.
  • Customers who are happy are more likely to return, increasing brand loyalty.
  • Contact center agents become more analytical in the way they identify a successful Customer Experience.


Key Customer Service Skills Takeaways

  • Recognize moments of truth in customer service; the customer journey & experience.
  • Understand how to adapt the image we portray & the components that contribute to how customers see us: body language, words, & tone.
  • Develop standards for customer service & create your scorecard.
  • Identify & understand the difference in customer personality styles, even when the customer is angry.
  • Utilize the skills & knowledge learned to increase your capacity to have great conversations with our customers & drive an enhanced Customer Experience.


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