Training partnership with CCMA offers enhanced contact center training for all

CCMA and BPA Quality partner in call center training opportunities

Call center agent training is just one aspect of building an effective contact center with the delivery of great customer experiences. The key to improving agents’ skills and knowledge is the type of training offered. Therefore, training must prove effective in their daily roles as brand ambassadors.

CCMA & BPA Quality Partnership in Training

Training should not be considered a one-off activity that explains what they should and shouldn’t say, how to use the software and record information etc. Thus, it needs to become an opportunity to develop the ‘human element’ and build real empathy and understanding during customer interactions. Only then will this result in fulfilled and confident agents and customers that believe they are important and being heard.

For decades, our robust training division has been designing and delivering training workshops to our clients. As a result, we are excited to extend the reach of this training by partnering with the CMMA and delivering some of our course titles through their comprehensive open schedule of courses.

The initial courses that are being offered via the CCMA are:

Delivering a great Customer Experience to vulnerable customers

Great businesses can be relied upon to provide a consistent level of service that is inclusive of all their customers. How best do we achieve this when some of our customers might have more challenges in communicating and making informed decisions because they are vulnerable in some way?

This interactive workshop helps Contact Center agents recognize types of vulnerability and be more flexible in their approach, enabling them to align with customers and meet their needs more effectively.

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Emotional Intelligence in the contact center

Emotional Intelligence has shown to be a far more reliable indicator of success in our lives than simply having a high IQ. This workshop explores the basic principles of what makes us emotionally intelligent and how we can develop these all-important skills.

With its focus on raising our own self-awareness, this, in turn, will help improve self-management. From this newly informed position of self-discovery, you will explore the best ways to apply these insights to your own working environment.

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Quality Assurance in the contact center

Raising awareness of the Customer Experience and customer outcomes offers more appreciation of the role that continuous improvement plays in the quality process.

This workshop, with its focus on practical implementation, explores the importance of QA and calibration and the influence it can have across the Contact Center.

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Managing change in the contact center

Change and transformation are a constant journey in most organizations and the contact center environment is no exception. This workshop explores how to take conscious control of the change process and learn how to communicate effectively during periods of change.

Furthermore, it assists in bringing employees on the journey with you, helping them to see change as a progressive evolution, and minimizes confusion and motivational blocks.

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Follow the links above to view forthcoming dates for when you or your team can join one of these sessions. Additionally, learn more about our training programs by visiting our training page.

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