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Coaching to Improve Agent Performance

A key differentiator in the success of a business is the extent to which your Team Leaders can deliver effective Call Center coaching to agents. This hands-on course develops the practical skills required to motivate and accelerate growth in team members.

Call Center Coaching to Improve Agent Performance

Managers and Supervisors will be upskilled to deliver effective, tailored coaching conversations and interventions to maximize efficiency and drive performance in your customer-facing teams.  Read more here.

Who should attend?

Call Center managers, team leaders, and supervisors who want to develop their understanding and skills in coaching.

Effective Coaching Benefits your business

  • Improve Agent overall performance
  • Sharpen Agent skills quickly and effectively
  • Build trust between Managers / Supervisors and Agents
  • Spark conversations and build on best practices
  • Build a team of highly skilled agents
  • Empowered staff have a greater ability to make decisions and help customers, enhancing relationships and improving business performance

Learning outcomes

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand the core skills of coaching call center agents and mentoring and the benefits to your role
  • Identify what makes a true coaching experience and assess what you need to do to be more effective
  • Understand the effectiveness of a coaching approach when structuring meetings with team members
  • Experience a coaching conversation in the role of a coach
  • Understand recent changes in coaching and mentoring practice and how these could benefit your coaching relationships
  • Create a plan to effectively implement and monitor sales & customer service coaching in your workplace

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