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Increase Quality Scores Case Study

Increase Quality Scores Case Study

Radian, now Abri, is an award-winning organization, employing over 1000 staff, providing nearly 21,000 affordable homes in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Surrey, Sussex, and Wiltshire; and providing care and support to over 450 people across the South East, through Radian Support.

The Challenge

BPA Quality was asked by Radian to develop an independent Contact Evaluation process to help identify a more accurate reflection of the Quality of Service being offered to their clients and to make recommendations around how Service can be improved.

Our Approach

The first step of the process was to carry out an extensive joint ‘scoping exercise’ where BPA worked with the client to gain a better understanding of their business, their challenges, and service objectives. BPA was then able to design and implement a Remote Contact Evaluation solution designed around the specific needs of the client.

Key outcomes

  • Significant improvement in the accuracy and visibility of quality evaluation and coaching effectiveness information via the online BPA Builder tool. Replacing an inefficient and inaccurate spreadsheet-driven process.
  • Enabled the Team Managers to invest more time in coaching their teams, leading to improved agent skills, service levels, and client satisfaction.
  • Helped our client to achieve a 12.43% quality score improvement in less than 12 months, through a combination of expert evaluation and actionable intelligence.

Key learnings

  • The value is derived from having an independent, objective, and expert appraisal of internal quality.
  • The importance of investing sufficient time in bringing all stakeholders together from the start of the process to share objectives, learnings and to carry out extensive calibration sessions.
  • The importance of frequent and open communication to build confidence, knowledge, shared best practices, and a strong partnership.

Over the past year our relationship with BPA has grown together with our overall call quality results. BPA are always available at the end of the phone and are flexible, accommodating and receptive to changes we want to make to our call monitoring guidelines and any additional reports we asked for.

Gill Aston Performance and Training Manager, Radian

“BPA were invaluable to us in the early stages of outsourcing our calls for evaluation. With their guidance and expertise we were able to clearly identify recognised good practice and make this our focus when talking to our customers.”

“More recently they have enabled us to incorporate one of our internal quality check documents which is linked to calls they have evaluated. We can access our form via the portal and together with the call evaluation link the two sets of results and report on them.”

“The staff at BPA are always polite, friendly and demonstrate the practices they encourage us to adopt when talking to our customers. I am sure our relationship will continue to grow and we will call on their expertise and resources to develop, monitor and report on other customer-related activities our business wants to evaluate in terms of quality of service offered.”

Gill Aston Performance and Training Manager, Radian

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