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We were really impressed by the detailed and insightful output from the Quality Evaluation Audit carried out by BPA, which gave both reassurance of our strengths and a clear direction for areas of focus and future opportunity.

Customer Services Director, OVO Energy

Quality Effectiveness Audit

Evaluate Call Center Effectiveness – Trusted by 100s of Call Centers Globally


At the heart of our quality consulting service is the Quality Effectiveness Audit, QEA.


This wide-ranging process examines your Contact Center’s Quality Management program and analyzes your current approach against our proprietary Critical Success Factors identified from 30+ years of global research and experience in quality monitoring.

The Quality Effectiveness Audit provides a comprehensive assessment of a contact center’s quality management program, addressing customer pain points such as inefficient resource allocation, lack of alignment with business objectives, and noncompliance with regulations. 

It delivers a comprehensive roadmap report that contains an expert assessment of your Contact Center Performance Program’s strengths and opportunities and presents recommendations to support long-lasting changes to positively transform your Quality Management program, your business, and your Customer Experience outcomes.

The benefits of our Quality Evaluation Audit – Evaluate Call Center Effectiveness

  • Exceptional Return on Investment
  • A rigorous review of Policies, Processes, and Procedures
  • Actionable Insights to support strategic and tactical decision making
  • Improvement opportunities and prioritization of delivery
  • A low-effort, comprehensive review of your current QM program with an improvement roadmap
  • Call center benchmarking against some of the world’s biggest organizations and brands
  • Operational Excellence enhancements
  • Insights for effective performance management and wider business engagements
  • Enhancements for anyone completing Quality Assurance
  • Optional bespoke contact monitoring by BPA experts to examine current interaction quality

The QEA follows a six stage process to Evaluate Call Center Effectiveness


Pre-audit discovery phase to discuss specific needs, requirements, and activities

Evaluate Call Center Effectiveness in Quality & Processes


Comprehensive Audit utilizing our Critical Success Factors


Stakeholder discussion and anecdotal feedback capture to gain a rounded view of Quality function and wider operations


Review of supporting documentation and other additional insight sources including optional sample contact evaluation


Detailed analysis of audit findings by the BPA Quality Solutions team to ensure accurate insight generation


Playback of outcomes via a comprehensive roadmap and benchmarking report of findings with recommendations and actions

Our QEA will review…

QA Process

Review of your current processes and procedures that sit behind the QA process together with the QA charter match to business goals, quality control, and statistical approach.

Scoring and Evaluation Process

Review of current scoring process to include workflow, resourcing, measurement of accuracy, guidelines, methodology, environment, and channels.


Review of calibration process and procedures including frequency, constituents, scope, methodology, link to training & coaching, disputes, and selection criteria.

Risk & Compliance

Review of risk and compliance regulatory requirements and impact on QA, including the relationship between QA and Compliance, audits, vulnerable Customers, and risk-based evaluation.


Evaluation of current contact scorecards including how they were devised, the review process, methodology, and link to customer outcomes.

Feedback & Coaching

Evaluation of current feedback and coaching process and effectiveness. Focus areas will include activity type, frequency, resourcing,  training & review, and tracing.

Reporting & Analysis

Review of current QA reporting and analysis including types of reporting, scope & use, impact, link to business, visibility, process improvement link, technology.

Link to Customer Satisfaction Metrics

Evaluation of how QA data is matched to other forms of customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction data for links, use of QA data to drive customer engagement & experience.

Internal Communication

Review of how QA data is used to inform the wider business of performance, the sphere of influence, senior management awareness, visualization of results, RCA, feedback mechanisms.

HR & Training

Review of HR and training processes that underpin QA activity including selection criteria, induction, coaching skills, competency framework, assessment, TNA loop.


Review of current technology deployed to support the effective delivery of the QA process: retrieval, evaluation, reporting & MI, integration, channels.


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