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I have been extremely pleased with the support provided by BPA and consider this to be a true partnership which will help British Gas as it develops to meet our strategy

Sales Conduct and Development Director, British Gas

Call Center Software for Quality Assurance

Why BPA Quality Call Center Software for Quality Assurance?

With deep QA domain expertise and over 30,000 users, our Call Center Software for Quality is inspired by a detailed understanding that every organization’s needs are different. We work closely with you to understand your current QA process and to identify your specific wants and needs.

Built by QA people for QA people, our Call Center software for Quality supports the delivery of all aspects of your quality & workforce management program.

A key element behind every effective contact center quality assurance program is the availability of systems and technology to support the delivery of each element of the process.

Take a look at our Quality Experience Contact Center Software

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The benefits of the BPA Quality QA Tool

call center software analytics

Live dashboard reporting

Providing your business with an accurate and real-time picture of quality service delivery and performance


Secure, omni-channel customer interaction monitoring evaluation reporting with analytics

Customer Experience Management

End-to-end QA process solutions; form design, scoring, interaction evaluation, insight capture, calibration, coaching, red flags, compliance, through to detailed reporting and actionable intelligence

Customer Insight

The ability to drill down into the data to identify process improvement, training, and development needs

Scalable & Configured

Simple, scalable, flexible, and specifically configured dashboards and reporting analytics

Feedback Coaching & Calibration

Form design, evaluation tools, coaching suite, calibration tools

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