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    Quality Monitoring


    Finally, a Call Center Quality Assurance partner that provides you with the Data, Trends, and Actionable Insights needed to make crucial business decisions, which have immediate results in Service, Sales & Compliance.

    Make your Contact Center Quality process more than checking boxes.


    call center quality monitoring

    Whether you want to outsource all or part of your call center quality monitoring program, BPA’s industry experts and managed quality services are ready to take your organization’s quality program to the next level.

    BPA experts have decades of global experience in the field of Contact Center quality assurance (QA) and Compliance.

    Through our Expert Quality Services ™, we bring a level of expertise into play that ensures you always have a reliable team of professional IQAs (Independent Quality Analysts) available, providing an independent, unbiased view of Customer Engagements, Agent Performances, and Business Insights.



    • Outsourcing your QA program to BPA allows supervisors to focus on coaching and feedback, rather than wasting time listening to a volume of calls.
    • BPA Analysts provide an accurate, independent, unbiased view of agent-customer interaction performance (phone, email, SMS, chat, or social media) via remote quality monitoring, compliance monitoring, telephone mystery shopping, benchmarking, and customer satisfaction surveys.
    • Our reporting staff, led by our Psychometrician, analyzes the data and develops robust reporting and independent analysis that impacts the agent performance and the business as a whole.

    Discover the new approach to quality management and start boosting profits and improving customer satisfaction today.

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