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Work from home

Want all the benefits of working for BPA Quality with the flexibility of an amazing work-life balance? Find out how you can go places without leaving home.

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Contact Center QA work from home

What is BPA all about?

We work with some of the world’s largest organizations with one aim: to improve the call center customer experience and help them deliver increases in sales, retention, loyalty, cost optimization, and profitability. We are confident that you are actually a customer of some of our clients. BPA Quality entered the Remote Call Monitoring business more than 28 years ago, and since then we have listened to tens of millions of transactions between Call Center Agents and Customers.

What will I be doing at BPA?

This position will primarily entail reviewing customer-to-agent interactions that have taken place via phone, chat, or email and evaluating the agent’s performance against a specific set of criteria. The ability to listen and read carefully will be crucial to your success. You will be providing written feedback about the interactions you reviewed using BPA software. You will get lots of training so that you become one of our experts. You will have frequent opportunities to calibrate your understanding of the evaluation form, so you’ll be constantly learning and growing. We are here to help develop your expertise.

Does BPA provide training for this position?

  • BPA believes in training our employees for success. You will first receive a three-day orientation to the company.
  • After orientation, you will attend account training for approximately 3 weeks. Upon completion of training, you will enter a period of one on one training with your supervisor.
  • In addition to completing evaluations, you will participate in Calibrations and Round Table discussions, both with your teammates as well as the Client.
  • We make sure all homeworkers feel that they are part of the BPA team.

Will I be paid for Training?

You will be paid for all training.

What is the pay?

  • Pay is linked to each project (some are more complex than others) and the level of skill that you bring to the table.
  • Most promotions come from within. Being a homeworker does not limit your potential for success at BPA.

In what locations in BPA Hiring Home Workers?

BPA is hiring applicants near our office locations. The initial training will be conducted at our sites, so applicants should be in the surrounding areas. You may also be required to attend refresher training classes as well as coaching sessions periodically throughout your tenure. Our two location addresses are listed below.

New York Research Center, 900 Stewart Avenue Suite 110, Garden City, New York 11530
Florida Research Center, 601 South Destiny Road Suite 100, Maitland, Florida 32751

What equipment do I need to support the position?

  • BPA will provide you with a PC to be used exclusively for your work.
  • BPA will also provide access to all the programs you will require.
  • Employees will be required to have a stable ISP provider with a minimum speed of 50 Mbps. You are responsible for obtaining and maintaining your internet access at this level throughout your tenure.
    You will need to work at home using your home internet, not public WIFI. We will help get you set up!

What are the other home office requirements?

  • You will need a private, distraction-free space to work.
  • This space would preferably have a door that can be closed to avoid distraction or interruptions.

What kinds of hours would I be expected to work?

This is a full-time position with BPA Quality. In Florida, it is a 35-hour work week, and in New York, the work week will be 37.5 hours.  We are considering part-time or flex-time opportunities too.

Will I need to work weekends?

The position is Monday-Friday, but should you need to make up time when you are fully trained and meeting the business requirement you will have the ability to work on weekends to make up your hours.

What benefits does BPA offer?

You have the opportunity to obtain ACA compliant Medical insurance, Dental and Vision benefit plans are also available after your first 90 days of employment. After 6 months of employment, you would be eligible to participate in the 401K program. Homeworkers are eligible for the same annual PTO packages as office-based staff.

If you’re interested in applying, please send your resume/CV to

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