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    Our Philosophy


    Call Center Customer Experience

    We work with some of the world’s largest organizations with one aim: to improve contact center customer experience and deliver increases in sales, retention, loyalty, cost optimization, and profitability.

    BPA Quality entered the Remote Call Monitoring business more than 30 years ago, and since then we have listened to tens of millions of transactions between Call Center Agents and Customers.

    We have also undertaken this activity internationally, covering 45+ languages, so we understand the differences between customer service expectations across multiple cultures. This activity has enabled us to gain detailed knowledge of behaviors and processes that drive positive contact center customer experience and engagement and the development of effective quality and coaching programs.

    The influence of the contact center and quality functions has grown over the years, and now covers all aspects of the business from Sales, Marketing, Product Design, Legal, and Compliance to the Customer Facing Operations.

    We call this the ‘QA Sphere of Influence, and the BPA Approach ensures organizations can fully capitalize on this key resource to help drive quality-enabled business transformation.

    The BPA Quality approach is proven to deliver real competitive advantage and outstanding results time and time again for our clients and their customer-facing teams.

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