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Customer service is no longer an option, it's a regulatory requirement! BPA Quality can help transform your customer experience and call center agent performance. Let BPA Quality help you transform your entire Customer Experience to be Best in Class.

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Agent Soft Skills

The time is now to teach your agents that customers are a priority and not the problem. Arm them with the skills they need to succeed in delivering top-notch service.

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Customer Retention

Help develop service strategies to sell to your customers and retain them as well. If you don’t another company will!

Customer Satisfaction

Core metrics for any solid contact center, help your agents understand what it means to solve the issues and make the customers happy at the same time.

Regulations & Service

Stay in compliance without sacrificing the service. Help your agents balance both needs for the best overall experience.

Agent & Supervisor Training

Training designed specifically for utility contact center agents and supervisors, based on the feedback from best practice contact center agents and supervisors in the utility industry.


Make sure you don’t just compare yourself. Learn where you stand in the industry and against other best in class companies worldwide.


Waste Management call center

We have more than 30 years of experience running quality management programs for some of the leading utilities providers – see what they have to say about us...


To find out more about how BPA has helped the utility and energy industry call center quality performances and uncover factors that affect their customer interactions, you may find the following white-papers useful:

Download: Agent Performance Best Practices
Download: Customer Effort Measurement in the utility industry
Download: Dealing with grudge customers

Discover the new approach to quality management and start boosting profits and improving customer satisfaction today.

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