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    Why BPA Contact Center QA? BPA is the global leader in providing Quality Assurance in Call Centers worldwide for more than 30 years. If you've ever heard, "This call may be recorded for quality monitoring purposes," then there is a good chance we've evaluated your call. Our clients know we are their ideal partner to deliver measurable improvements in service quality, customer experience, and compliance for the following reasons:

    winning call quality

    Quality expertise

    BPA Quality ensures our clients benefit from call center best practices that are directly linked to the assessment and development of each channel of customer contact. Call - Email - Chat - Social Monitoring, Mystery Shopping, Benchmarking, Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    bpa quality specialist team

    Our specialist team

    Our clients use the experience and detailed analysis skills of our highly skilled quality specialists led by our psychometrician to enhance the level of insight gained and identify areas to enhance customer engagement and experience.

    bpa quality results

    Achievement of tangible business results

    Our work with clients proves to have a positive impact on all KPIs, such as customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention, conversion rates, brand loyalty, staff motivation, and compliance.

    worldwide quality assurance

    Worldwide experience

    BPA is specialized in global Call Center Quality Assurance for over 30 years and our clients are reassured that they are dealing with a reputable company with a wide knowledge gained across many business sectors, including some of the world's largest brands.

    call center compliance

    Compliance and knowledge

    Our independent quality monitoring and evaluation solutions support our clients in delivering regulatory and compliance objectives with accuracy.

    quality feedback call center

    Our technology and feedback solutions

    Designed by QA people for QA people, our state-of-the-art live reporting portal delivers comprehensive and analyzed results, recordings, and feedback in near real-time. These are created by our in-house development team and are fully tailored to our clients' requirements.

    quality partnership

    Our partnership approach

    Every client's business is unique, so we work with them to tailor our services to meet their specific business models and key drivers. Through ongoing dialogue, we ensure that the flow of information, feedback, actionable insight, and reporting solutions provide our clients with the tangible information needed to achieve their goals.

    objective call center analysis

    Analysis objectivity and accuracy

    The ongoing training of our professional research team and quality assurance processes ensure consistent, independent, and accurate analysis of data that is fully transparent, allowing the user to completely understand and depend on our actionable insight and feedback.

    call center training

    Training and development

    We provide practical, common-sense training and development directly linked to enhancing the performance of individuals involved in engaging with Customers.

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