Speech Analytics Driven Quality Assurance


Speech Driven Quality Plus


Taking QA to the next level with Speech Analytics Driven Quality Assurance.

Our Speech Analytics Driven Quality Assurance Plus Service harnesses the power of Speech Analytics to enhance your traditional QA program.

Speech Analytics Driven Quality AssuranceCustomer Contacts are evaluated using Speech Analytics, which means you have an enterprise wide view of performance, so you can target the calls that matter.

By unlocking the ability to understand and drive sales and customer satisfaction, your tailored BPA Managed SA service provides deep insight and analysis with no need to purchase expensive software or servers – you pay for what you use.

Why it works.

  • Targets the calls that matter to the customer experience for focused audits.
  • You can coach to specific behaviors.
  • Concentrates on defined quality initiatives.
  • Identifies reasons of escalations and/or call backs.
  • Looks for emerging trends.
  • Gives you more time to spend improving interactions instead of putting out fires.
  • Best of all … BPA Quality does the analysis for you.

Discover the new approach to quality management and start boosting profits and improving customer satisfaction today.

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