Consultancy & Professional Services

Providing contact center quality assurance expertise and experience that's second to none in the customer contact center industry.

BPA Quality is a global provider of quality evaluation services that is expert in outsourcing or augmenting organizations’ contact center quality assurance (QA) programs.

Whether you need advice or guidance in setting up your quality assurance organization, maximising the effectiveness from your current activity, or you want to investigate how you best measure performance objectively to drive customer engagement, our team of QA expert business partners can help.

We support you in developing your QA vision and strategy, improving performance, and focusing on achieving specific business outcomes. Our consultants provide in-depth industry and technical knowledge in the areas of quality management, form design, process excellence, customer insight, maximizing the human element in interactions, coaching and feedback, and helping you maximize contact center ROI.

From the start of any engagement we form an on-going partnership with you, allowing our team to gain a full understanding of your QA challenges and aspirations, and we remain fully engaged as our relationship grows and your business evolves.

We help you maximize the benefit of developing and delivering impactful and sustainable Contact Center Quality Assurance programs through, employee adoption and engagement, alignment with KPIs and business objectives, providing value add and actionable insight and enhancing CSAT and NPS.

Working as your trusted partner, we’ll help your organization develop world-class Quality Assurance solutions that deliver against your vision and strategy, improve performance, and focus on achieving specific business outcomes.

Why BPA Quality for professional services and consultancy?

Examples of the value of professional services and consultancy to you include:

  • Benefiting from our experience of best practice quality processes to support your business improvement objectives
  • Use the experience of our highly skilled quality specialists to enhance the level of insight gained through detailed analysis and recommendations
  • Maximize the benefits of the quality team, recognizing the sphere of influence this area can have on the wider business in driving improvement
  • Flexible partnership means we work in parallel to your business models and key drivers

Ready to enhance your customer experience, drive improvement and deliver results? Then ask us how we can help.