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BPA HUMAN FACTOR™ TRAINING for Call Center Agents & Leaders

A different approach to Call Center Training

  • Call center training, quality assurance training, customer service coaching, agent training, manager trainingBPA Human Factor™ Training workshops (Call Center Training) are designed to address specific areas of opportunity identified through analysis of customer contacts. It’s the means by which behaviors are altered and skills are developed that will provide a tangible return on investment.
  • In this unique approach supervisors and agents are involved in creating practical solutions and models of behavior for producing successful calls.
  • A key element in the supervisor and QA Training workshops is developing the skills necessary to objectively analyze behavior and effectively coach to change behavior. The process used is similar to Agent training where participants create models of successful behavior for producing successful outcomes to coaching sessions.

…that produces results


  • BPA Human Factor Training addresses practical issues from an Agent’s Supervisors point of view of producing successful outcomes to contacts with Customers.
  • Call Center Training is designed to be part of a continuous improvement process directly related to QA and the ongoing achievement of performance targets. You see your investment produce results.
  • It addresses the challenges of how to make contacts sound genuine and natural so that your Customers feel like they are valued. Your customers don’t feel processes and are more likely to buy or accept a solution from someone they trust and like.
  • It helps to ensure consistent delivery of service that is built around your company culture.CALL CENTER TRAINING

Discover the new approach to quality management and start boosting profits and improving customer satisfaction today.

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