Quality Monitoring in Call Centers

Why Quality Monitoring is Important for your Call Center?

Every day call centers around the world ask this very question. The common sense answer to this question is of course a resounding ‘YES!’. However, when it comes to implementation of quality monitoring and driving results, the answer isn’t always as clear. This whitepaper will examine Quality Monitoring in call centers on many levels, starting from the basic reason to monitor your calls all the way to what drives a return on your Quality Investment.  Download whitepaper

Factors for Effective Quality Monitoring

Listening is nice, however your agents will figure it out quickly if they know that you are merely listening and not doing anything with the information; they will use the Hawthorne Effect to their advantage! As a remedy, the agents must be provided with a strongly supported feedback mechanism that they can easily understand.

There are four factors that you must understand in making any program successful:

• Your program should be clear and to the point. The agents have limited time and bandwidth to absorb any feedback…they are busy!

• Your program should integrate the supervisors or managers of the agents. They usually take all their direction from their direct supervisor…they know who their boss is!

• Your program should have a clear definition of what you want the agents to do. They want to know what they did right and wrong…they truly want to perform well!

• Your program must be consistent, fair, objective and accurate in your feedback…if it isn’t the supervisors and agents will discount the findings!


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4 Reasons for Contact Center Quality

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