Request for Proposal Call Center Quality

    Request for Proposal Call Center Quality Guideline

    In this whitepaper we look to provide a guideline for an effective
    Request for Proposal Call Center Quality document and process. Building your RFP for these services properly will save you time, money and help you identify the best company to work with. BPA offers this guide as a free service to
    customers and prospects.

    What is a RFP (Request for Proposal)?

    A Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quote (RFQ) is a formal process that companies use to put out outsourced work for bid amongst competing providers. RFP’s and RFQ’s are common practice in the contact center industry. Typically, an organization will release a RFP or RFQ requesting prospective suppliers to submit their bids for potential business as described in the Request’s scope of work (examples include handling incoming service calls or quality monitoring). The Requests will typically have a standard set of questions that will be used to compare the prospective vendors. The organizations then collect the bids and compare them based on this predetermined criteria, ultimately choosing a partner or partners that best suit their needs.

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