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    Best Practices for Working from Home – Contact Centers

    Best Practices for Working from Home contact centers to stay connected and engaged with their teams and customers in the time of physical distancing.

    Here at BPA Quality, we have had remote teams for more than 10 years, and here are our best practices for working from home for those just getting started. Since COVID-19 pushed our entire workforce to a WFH scenario, we have uncovered several recommendations for working remotely throughout our journey.

    We found that there are six (6) main practices that keep agents and call centers moving forward as we move to work at home scenarios:

        1. Scheduling Flexibility is Key.
        2. Meetings – Find an app that your team can use to keep connected. The power of the mute button.
        3. Coaching – Increase the number of sessions & collaborate.
        4. Leading – Provide regular feedback & become great meeting facilitators.
        5. IT Assistance – Accessible and readily available to help or troubleshoot.
        6. Include Everyone – From Fun Breaks using Webinars to Group Chats. Celebrate achieved goals as a team.

    Please read in-depth our recommendations by checking out our free whitepaper.

    Also included in the whitepaper are staying connected virtual ideas to keep teams engaged.

    best practices for working from home, call center virtual ideasCheck out for fun and engaging virtual activities.



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