Handling the customer service experience in the festive season

Customer Experience Strategies during the Holidays

Thanks to the shopping sprees which are Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and almost the entire couple of weeks that surround these two occasions, the UK holiday season of spending lasts for much longer than it used to do.

It’s good for the economy, it’s good for business – and it will mean a busy few weeks for the people who keep your customer service ticking over, especially your contact center agents.

So, before we can all put our feet up for the festive holidays, here’s our expert advice on how to handle customer service during the undoubtedly busy holiday period – and to deliver more customer loyalty than Santa too.

Customer Experience Tips during the Holidays

Utilize technology

We are big believers that technology should be an enabler to customer service but that it shouldn’t replace real human interaction. The importance of real-life interaction and conversation should not be lost, no matter how busy your contact center is. However, when things are hectic and customers are feeling frantic, there may be some questions that can be answered on social media or through self-service customer support options. But, research by Contact Babel has shown that more in-depth or emotive inquiries will encourage a customer to pick up the phone to speak to someone instead.

But, make sure you have the systems in place to keep your departments linked up to avoid customers having to go over the same information again and again – a huge 89% of customers get frustrated with a poor omnichannel experience.

Don’t forget the basics

It is easy for any of us to get stressed when we’re busy at work. Contact center agents are, of course, no exception to this rule. Encourage your advisors to deal with inquiries as professionally and succinctly as possible. If customers are experiencing problems, let them get it off their chest and then move on in the best way possible to offer them problem resolution. Offer them genuine empathy and minimize their stress levels. This will, in turn, help to keep agents calm too if they are doing a good job at helping the customers who need their assistance. Customers will be happy to pay more – up to 18% more in some cases – for consistently good service.

A great way to assist in the delivery of a positive customer experience is to underpromise and overdeliver – but keep it within the realms of what is both possible and achievable. This will help to manage expectations – and then it can only be a good thing if you go above and beyond. Remember, 72% of people will tell six or more people about a positive customer experience. In addition, 51% of customers will never deal with a company again if they have a negative customer experience.

Invest in some training or coaching

It’s never too late to encourage your teams to brush up on their skills, especially when they are likely to be put to the test in the coming weeks. This coaching will help to drive results when it really matters. Working with people from across your organization can help to engrain a deeper and more informed sense of how to interact with customers and be a positive representative of your organization in a public-facing capacity.

You may want to do something as simple as brush up your FAQs to answer season-specific questions, such as delivery times and options. This will support your customer service support across social media and web chat too. Or, you may be employing temporary seasonal staff – have a training structure in place so they are up to speed too so they are a bonus and not a burden to your existing team members.

A Quality Assurance function will also help your company or organization to look back over the holiday period, benchmark performance, highlight strengths and identify weaknesses to inform your strategy moving forward into the coming weeks and months of 2020.

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