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How to improve call center NPS

Helpful insights on how to improve call center net promoter scores (NPS)

3 months ago

20 Call Center Quality Assurance Needs – the Big Picture

20 Call Center QA Needs for a successful Quality Program

4 months ago

Agent Coaching – Why and How to Make it Effective

This white paper will explore coaching as an integral part of a successful quality program. We will discuss the pitfalls and key…

4 months ago

Why Quality Monitoring is Important for your Call Center?

This Contact Center Quality White Paper will examine Why Call Center Quality Monitoring is important to Customer Experience, Sales, Business…

4 months ago

How do we get more out of our QA?

How to get more out of call center QA metrics? QA function should support the operational delivery of efficient Customer…

1 year ago

Call Center Quality and Business Transformation

How you can utilise Quality Enabled Business Transformation to move your employees and business from a survive to a thrive…

2 years ago

The seven deadly sins of measurement in contact centres

Pete Dunn discusses how and why measurement in contact centres doesn’t always add up as part of our 'Seven Deadly…

3 years ago

The seven deadly sins of call scripting in contact centers

Pete Dunn discusses how call scripting in contact centres can be a double-edged sword as part of our 'Seven Deadly…

3 years ago

The seven deadly sins of a call monitoring quality operation

Pete Dunn discusses how to ensure your call monitoring is saintly as part of our 'Seven Deadly Sins' series.

3 years ago

Knowing What Good Looks Like – effective call center program

Many organisations see QA as a compliance-driven, risk-based activity. The real value of QA impact is much larger with multiple…

5 years ago

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