Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is the ULTIMATE measure of the customer experience, but consider the impact of that approach – Customer Satisfaction isn’t something you can feedback to your agents, rather it’s the result of a well-executed contact center strategy.

Happy customers remain customers, refer their friends and associates, and tend to spend more freely with your organization, which all make you money. Unhappy customers cancel, spend less, and tell their friends bad things about your company, which costs you money.

How to deal with an angry customer via the Contact Center

Our expert team takes a look at how to keep your cool in the face of frustration within customer service…

2 months ago

What is Customer Experience and How is it Different from Customer Service?

What is Customer Experience and How is it Different from Customer Service? How to improve the relationship between the contact…

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How to handle an irate customer in a call center?

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How to improve call center NPS

Helpful insights on how to improve call center net promoter scores (NPS)

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Our QA scores and CSAT/NPS scores are not aligned

How to align Call Center Scores like CSAT, NPS, and QA for the best customer experiences

3 months ago

ProSource, OutSource or Internal Call Center QA Team?

So … how do you make sure that your agents are providing a fantastic customer experience every time they interact…

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20 Call Center Quality Assurance Needs – the Big Picture

20 Call Center QA Needs for a successful Quality Program

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Omnichannel Customer Experience – Can you please everyone all of the time?

How do you keep everyone happy and ensure that your service is always quality assured? You can’t please everyone, but…

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Agent Coaching – Why and How to Make it Effective

This white paper will explore coaching as an integral part of a successful quality program. We will discuss the pitfalls and key…

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Why Quality Monitoring is Important for your Call Center?

This Contact Center Quality White Paper will examine Why Call Center Quality Monitoring is important to Customer Experience, Sales, Business…

4 months ago

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