Customer Experience

Samsung Call Center Quality Case Study

With both call centers outsourced to third parties, Samsung needed a partnership approach, where all parties would work together to…

2 months ago

What is Call Center Quality Monitoring?

Call Center Quality Monitoring Defined

2 months ago

How to Improve Customer Experience in the Call Center

9 proven steps to improve customer experience in the call center. Every conversation is an opportunity to make a real…

9 months ago

Developing Agent Tone of Voice for your Contact Center

The Agent's tone of voice is key for any contact center to achieve excellence in customer experience. Core elements in…

9 months ago

How do we get more out of our QA?

How to get more out of call center QA metrics? QA function should support the operational delivery of efficient Customer…

1 year ago

Our QA outcomes don’t support effective coaching

Delivering Effective contact center coaching FAQ. Well-trained & coached agents are vital in the representation of a company and its…

1 year ago

Are we monitoring the right amount?

What is the best practice for call center quality monitoring sample size? What are your competitors doing? Is there a…

1 year ago

Call Center Quality and Business Transformation

How you can utilise Quality Enabled Business Transformation to move your employees and business from a survive to a thrive…

2 years ago

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