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    What is Customer Experience?

    Customer Experience is defined as all the interactions a customer has with your company and how they feel about those interactions over the lifetime of their relationship with your brand.

    How to deliver great customer experiences

    Having productive conversations is at the heart of a great Customer Experience. There is no better place to have these conversations than via the call center.

    By harnessing the ‘Human Element,’ our clients are successful in increasing sales, while consistently delighting their customers using these CX standards. Every conversation is an opportunity to make a real connection, and to build the human element. As humans, we have the ability to be creative, intuitive, show real empathy, feeling, and understanding; to connect on a human level.

    In a recent podcast, “Why the Customer Experience Matters,” McKinsey principal Harald Fanderl defines customer experience as “putting customers’ needs at the center of what a company needs to do.” By doing this, companies are standing out from their competition, and, in turn, capturing a bigger piece of the customer base.

    As the call center evolves, we are witnessing a trend where agents are now handling more complicated calls because customers are utilizing other contact options to get simple answers; i.e., chatbots, website FAQs, etc. Hence, the relationships and experiences with customers are extremely important to the overall success of any company.

    We have uncovered 5 standards for great CX Analytics via the call center:

        1. Emotional Intelligence
        2. Positive Image & Words
        3. Listening & Effective Questioning
        4. Effective handling of Challenging, High-Emotion Calls
        5. Self-Care

    In our upcoming Customer Experience Series, our experts will delve into each standard and how you can begin using each in your contact center to deliver great customer experiences. Stay tuned.

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