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How Many Calls Should You Monitor Each Week?

Quality Monitoring Calls

Every company wants to deliver the best customer experience possible, but how do you get there? Do you cross your fingers and hope for the best? If you’re serious about improving the quality of the customer experience, it’s important that your contact center agents are saying and typing the right things to customers. In a busy contact center, it’s not easy, and this is where quality monitoring comes in.

There are a variety of ways to ensure quality, including in-house call recording, cloud-based call recording, manually listening to calls, using voice recognition and analytics on recorded calls, or hiring a third-party remote call monitoring company to listen for you. Depending on your needs, you may wish to use a combination of these techniques to get the best results.

An added benefit to call monitoring is not only to evaluate the experience the agent is giving the customer but also to hear the voice of the customer; after all, it’s your best source for new ideas, marketing, product and service development and even adjustments to your customer support process. But in order to get the most out of call monitoring and quality management, you will need to find the right frequency at which you should monitor.

Call Center Quality Management

A recent poll conducted by UK-based found that over two-thirds of contact centers are monitoring six or fewer calls every month for each agent. (Interestingly, on the flip side, 14 percent of contact centers are measuring 11 or more calls each month). So how much is “enough”? That will depend on the nature of your business, but third-party remote call monitoring company BPA Quality believes that the right number is “as many as it takes to improve performance, while not exceeding the cost of quality.”

“There are those who subscribe to the requirement of a statistically valid sample per agent,” according to BPA Quality’s blog. “If you are looking for the typical 95/5 percent confidence level and interval, you simply need to know how many calls your agents take in a month’s time to derive a ‘statistically valid’ sample.”

BPA Quality recommends no fewer than two monitors per week per agent in the contact center. The idea is to create an environment of coaching and feedback. You want the agents to know that they will be getting feedback and have that present in their minds as they take calls. If you only do one call per week, and they are coached early in the week, they will figure out quickly that they aren’t being monitored for the rest of the week.

“We also tell our clients that ideally, more is better, and a daily review and feedback is as close to ideal as you can get without breaking the bank,” wrote BPA Quality. “The statistics don’t necessarily support it, however, human psychology does.  Agents will perform better if they are being monitored.”

By Tracey E. Schelmetic, TMCnet Contributor


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