improve call center quality

    How to improve call center quality assurance scores

    Improve Call Center Quality Scores

    Today’s world is based on relationship-driven customer experience. The need for more skilled human reactions to manage more complex interactions with higher emotional intelligence is paramount in today’s contact center. To accomplish this, we have found to improve call center quality assurance scores and customer satisfaction, companies need to fine-tune their QA program to evaluate what the customer considers to be great customer service. The customer not only wants their problem solved but wants to feel important and understand why things happened.  The New QA focuses on how agents’ behavior and emotional intelligence affect the overall customer experience outcome.

    On average, 52% of customers abandon a brand because of poor Customer Service.

    BPA has been doing contact center quality monitoring for over 30 years, so we know a thing or two about how a QA program can improve scores and customer experiences.

    Here are 4 crucial foundations for a productive & effective call center quality program:

          1. It should be clear and to the point. The agents have limited time and bandwidth to absorb any feedback.
          2. It should integrate the supervisors or managers of the agents. They usually take all their direction from their direct supervisor…they know who their boss is!
          3. It should have a clear definition of what you want the agents to do. They want to know what they did right and wrong…they truly want to perform well!
          4. It must be consistent, fair, objective, and accurate in your feedback…if it isn’t the supervisors and agents will discount the findings!

    A Fifth of Contact Centres Lack the Skillset Required to Best Handle Customer Contacts.

    As Emotional Intelligence comes more into focus at the contact center, we find that the outcome of the call is more important than the process.  Developing relationships and forging a culture where every call is a new, unique challenge is how successful calls are evaluated and perceived as greater customer experiences.  The human element and soft skills are key to great call center interactions, customer service, and profit.

    Discover the new approach to quality management and start boosting profits and improving customer satisfaction today.

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