Strategic Call Center Quality

    Cost Center or Profit Center? When Quality Becomes an Agent for Change.

    More and more leaders in our industry are challenging their organizations to re-think their quality models and making Strategic Call Center Quality a foundation pillar within their growth plans.

    Whilst the drivers vary across organizations, we are observing a tangible and growing interest in both understanding and leveraging end-to-end Quality.
    When the focus changes from ‘box-ticking’ to ‘business intelligence,’ and the Quality Team’s insight and analysis is sought in order to form the basis of key decisions, which impact the whole business, the benefits are leveraged right across the board: from marketing to recruitment, compliance to customer
    advocacy, from employee engagement to process improvement, product design and more.

    Of course, your Quality Team are eyewitnesses to your daily interactions with customers, but it’s how you harness and leverage this insight that provides opportunities for business transformation.

    When you compare business endeavors to elite sports performance – marginal gains, outlier theories and so on – coupled with the vast amount of data now available, the difference between winning and losing is down to your ability to handpick the correct nuggets of data in a timely manner and turn these
    into actionable goals and winning tactics.

    In our experience working with clients across the global spectrum, the consistent key success factors in Strategic Call Center Quality are:

    Whether you have an established and mature Quality setup, or are pushing to move your business to the next level, engaging with the right specialist, independent and trusted Partner will provide you with game-changing bench strength.

    Whilst most daily operational metrics give us visibility of how the business is running, how accurately can we measure our current cost of quality, and how clearly can we state what the ROI is on our spend?

    Certainly in our experience, this is a tough question to answer for many. This can result from shared ownership, overlapping processes, specialization and accountability challenges for outcomes as well as costs. All too often this can mean that Quality is perceived as a ‘sunk cost’ to be managed down, instead
    of a catalyst for business change.

    Many of our conversations start from taking a fresh look and benchmarking with best-in-class models. Opportunities become apparent and whether they require a fundamental rethink or focused enhancements, the benefits are soon tangible.

    By Alex Bobba, BPA Quality EMEA’s Managing Director

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