call center leadership lessons

    Contact Center Lessons on Leadership

    Call Center Team Leaders are often required to make the transition from experienced agent to leader, seemingly overnight. However, the foundations of good leadership require a shift in mindset and the skills required are many and varied.  Below, you will find intuitive contact center leadership lessons we’ve uncovered during our 30+ years working with top companies.

    Call Center Leadership Lessons

    By providing team leaders effective lessons in leadership will benefit a contact center in many ways, such as:

    What Drives Great Team Leadership?

          1. Understanding of LEADING versus MANAGING
          2. Recognizing each role on the team, and their INFLUENCE on team PERFORMANCE
          3. Encouraging a GREAT team CULTURE that delivers EXCELLENCE
          4. Being SELF-AWARE of your ROLE as a leader
          5. Considering others’ PERSPECTIVES and communication PREFERENCES

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