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    20 Call Center Quality Assurance Goals

    Top 20 Call Center Quality Assurance Best Practices

    1. Define the goal:  Map your QA process to business goals
    2. Build a QA quality culture and behavior framework:  framework centered around improving the customer experience by focusing on the effort the customer makes, minimizing conduct risk and providing the most positive customer outcomes
    3. Remove the perception of QA evaluations as being a punitive process
    4. Pay close attention to the correlation between QA scores and customer survey scores – note:  Only 20-25% of customer satisfaction with a call is determined by the content of their conversation with agents
    5. Progressive businesses are moving on from tick box, features, and benefits format to customer engagement, active listening, and outcomes
    6. The QA team should be regarded as experts in driving the customer experience agenda across the organization and be regarded as an integral part of the company value chain
    7. Business Intelligence Team uses the data gathered through the quality process for providing the business with performance insights & predictive analytics
    8. QA should inform product and product governance:  Undertake product reviews / what do customers like and dislike
    9. The QA and compliance teams need to work hand-in-glove; ensuring compliant customer interactions for both new and existing customers
    10. Red flag process vigorously enforced
    11. Senior Executives need visibility
    12. Build processes and systems to share information across the business:  Share Voice of the Customer feedback with other departments
    13. Hold regular round tables with Product, Marketing, Sales:  highlight trends, risks, feedback
    14. Influence the organization:  don’t operate in a silo
    15. Include agents and team leads in the calibration process
    16. Calibrate based on expertise, not a deviation from average or arbitrary targets
    17. Use Calibrations to refine QA forms and remove ambiguity
    18. Look to your teams to identify and share anecdotal feedback:  sometimes it is OK to work in the grey
    19. Keep your QA forms fresh and relevant
    20. Deep-dive analysis of the data to identify trends, insight, and areas that require greater focus

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