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    Quality Interactions for Call Center Monitoring

    When an interaction occurs between two people, the image of each is created by what can be seen,  said, and how it is said.  During an interaction over the phone, the call center agent only has what he/she says and how he/she says them to create a Quality Interaction. Over the last 30+ years, BPA Quality has listened to millions of calls and has been able to establish four basic parts of a quality call center interaction.

    The science of Quality must be able to be measured.  A standard ruler must be established to make each evaluation actionable and coachable.  The four parts of a call are the opening/welcoming, the customer connection, the problem resolution, and the closing.  Depending on the industry, each piece of the call can be evaluated using calibrated measures.

    Let’s discuss basic measures that can be adjusted to fit each call center need.  The important thing to remember is that all parts of the interaction must be able to be MEASURED! If you were to ask a handful of people what tone meant to them, you would receive a handful of different definitions.  With that being said, how can you provide an objective view of any call interaction??

    A Quality Interaction


    In the opening, the agent should use enthusiastic words and tone that immediately reassure the Caller that the Agent is going to do all they can to help.  An offering of assistance is vital in this measure because it opens the conversation to find out the true reason for the customer to call and how the Agent can immediately assist.


    According to research, connecting with the Customer can be broken into many measures, that then get broken down even further to be able to be accurately measured.  Most importantly, the Agent must show willingness/enthusiasm, Care & Concern, Respectful of Time, Use Up Beat Tone, and Actively Listens.


    A well-trained agent should soar through this measure with flying colors. This measure identifies the reason for the call, the agent must take ownership and then addresses the original reason for the Customer call. Sounds easy, right?


    The close of the call should leave the Customer with a warm feeling of having a great experience from that Quality interaction.  The agent should offer further assistance, thank the Customer for calling, and really offer an additional personalization to the call.

    At BPA Quality, we don’t want any interaction scripted and this is why we encourage a personal touch from the Agent. Well, that is a quick overview of a Quality Interaction.  If you are interested in getting your own call center monitoring calibrated ruler, contact us today!

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