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    A “Quality” Call Center Quality Program Do’s and Don’ts

    Most professionals in the Contact Center industry have seen many Quality programs come and go throughout their careers. Often describing the programs as nit-picky, scripted, or simply a checklist.

    Even more concerning, you may have noticed some agents or supervisors just going through the motions – waiting for the current program to be replaced with the next fad in Contact Center communication.

    Some Quality Assurance Programs have become so complicated and scripted that they have lost focus on the most important aspect – The Customer.

    So what does it take to ensure a “Quality” Call Center Quality Program?

    Research shows that producing outstanding interactions with Customers is much easier when there is a Customer-Centered Culture within the organization. Think about how some of those organizations that have a reputation for outstanding Customer Service. An essential part of their training is intertwining this Customer-Centered Culture with every aspect of training and development – including the Quality Assurance Program. Above all, they achieve a high degree of buy-in. Their Agents really believe in what they are doing.

    Here are a few do’s and don’ts to help ensure a successful and effective Quality Assurance Program:

    Call Center Quality Program

    In each Interaction, the Customer may be influenced to become a Promoter of the Company or a Detractor. They may have an outstandingly good experience, an average experience, or a poor experience. It is in these individual contacts that the reputation and the performance of the Company are based.

    A “Quality” Call Center Quality Program can help develop these influences and ensure that all interactions lead to Promoters of your Company.

    Discover the new approach to quality management and start boosting profits and improving customer satisfaction today.

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