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    5 Steps to Great Call Center Coaching Sessions

    Call Center Agent Coaching Sessions

    A key factor in improving Customer Engagement is the Supervisors/Leadership Team’s feedback to Agents.  The impact of the interaction between the Coach and the Agent should not be underestimated as it is a major source of skill development.

    Often in the journey of improving Customer Engagement, the quality or effectiveness of the coaching and feedback have given is the principal inhibitor to improving the performance of Agents. Feedback is often perceived as biased, confusing, or subjective.

    Here are 5 Steps to a Great Call Center Coaching Session

    #1 Take a look at your current coaching style

    Taking the time to constructively critique what you are doing now and consider how you can change it to produce the results that are beneficial to wanted outcomes. Tip: Record a reenactment of a feedback session and ask colleagues for advice on difficult sessions.

    #2 What effects do I presently have on the session

    When evaluating your own coach style, consider how your behavior affects the outcome of coaching sessions. What is your persuasion style, and how does it affect the outcomes of any situation. Look at adopting situational behaviors that have positive session outcomes.

    #3 Take into account the person that is being coached

    Everyone reacts differently to feedback. It is imperative to understand agents’ personal reactions, so they are able to accept feedback in a coaching session with a positive result. Understand that coaching is a behavioral change, so find the best way to help your agent to adopt new behaviors.

    #4 What is effective Feedback

    Effective Feedback focuses on behaviors, objective performances, and Actionable goals. Discuss with the agent their performance and get their feedback too.

    #5 Start-to-End Coaching Structure

    When it is time to sit down and do a coaching session, ensure that the session is structured around how to help the Agent improve. The sessions need to be engaging and motivating and end with actionable goals to reach before the next session.

    In the end, a great coaching session is when a supervisor or leadership has a genuine conversation with the agent. Any feedback must be seen as a vehicle in helping the Agent develop skills for success.

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