Our QA outcomes don’t support effective coaching

effective contact center coaching effective contact center coaching

A key differentiator in the success of your contact center is the extent to which your contact center leaders can deliver effective coaching every day. Nothing beats well-trained, well-motivated, and empowered specialists when it comes to representing your business to your customers.

All too often Coaching is one of the first activities to get left behind when service levels drop, but effective coaching is critical to developing your contact center staff, driving performance, improving key metrics, and delivering an effective, positive Customer Experience. There are tangible commercial benefits to delivering effective coaching.

One of the key requirements for an effective coaching and development cycle is a Quality Model Framework that encourages everyone who is completing QA activity to highlight fantastic experience delivery, as well as areas for development, using coaching-ready phrases that minimize the effort for a coach to deliver a session that has a positive and lasting impact on an individual. At BPA Quality we utilize our wide-ranging experience in the development and improvement of QA Frameworks to support enhancement in our partners, so they too have effective Coaching programs underpinned by valuable outcomes generated by QA activity.

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