Insight is an important output of QA activity but we are not sure how to generate it in a meaningful way

How to generate Call Center Quality Insights through QA Programs?

Numerous companies struggle to sort through the volume of data they generate, and this problem is exacerbated within many QA programs because spreadsheets and even paper forms are used by so many to capture insights.

The approach BPA Quality takes is to always ensure the qualitative data we generate is subject to data rigor measures, and that anyone completing assurance and analysis is highly calibrated, and part of all change management plans. This ensures that there is confidence in the findings, that all findings align with the ever-changing demands of a contact center, and that they deliver one version of the truth, generating greater confidence in data-driven decision-making.

We have also developed our Quality Experience Software to record all captured data and all outcomes generated through the use of that data to supply well-defined BI and Insight dashboards. All coaching and development sessions, Continuous Improvement recommendations, and new product and service opportunities are recorded, shared, and validated through further QA activity to maximize the value offered by a QA program.

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