How do we get more out of our QA?

Some challenges we hear frequently at BPA Quality are that QA activity doesn’t provide a true reflection of an agent’s capability, that QA looks for ‘bad’ interactions to assure or that QA is the business prevention team.

Establishing a comprehensive communications strategy that shares best practices, is open to challenge from all parties, and is focused on cooperating to deliver operational, legal, regulatory, and process changes with minimal impact is an important part of how a QA function supports the operational delivery of efficient Customer Experience outcomes.

Working together to ensure positive experiences are rewarded and recognized appropriately shows standards are attainable, brings QA standards to life, and supports positive advocacy of QA aims within the contact center. It is also important for QA functions to be open and inviting for escalations or disputes, as they are great sources of insight, highlight misalignment of expectations, and support ongoing collaboration on interaction standards and assurance guidelines.


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