Are we monitoring the right amount?

are we monitoring the right amount of call center interactions

Call Center QA Sample Size – What is the right amount?

What is the best practice for call center quality monitoring sample size? How do you know if you are monitoring the right number of agent-customer interactions? What are your competitors doing? Is there a common minimum number of contacts we could monitor and be reassured it is enough?

Call Center Quality Monitoring Best Practices

There are a lot of questions about the number of contacts that should be evaluated and we’ve heard most – and regardless of industry or team size, we can help you find the right answer for you.

At BPA Quality we understand that often trust is found within the statistical confidence of evaluations. We also understand the challenge that it takes a lot of effort, time, and skill to churn large volumes of data to supply the confidence that many stakeholders look for.

Utilizing our dedicated, expert analysts to generate precise, reproducible results, we are well-versed in ensuring statistically relevant sampling models are used where applicable, ensuring our output can be trusted to deliver a true reflection of your Contact Center interactions, including any regulatory risks and Customer Experience outcomes.

We do also encourage a balanced approach to sampling, small volumes of data do not provide statistical validity, but they can be incredibly valuable to a business when used proactively to explore potential issues and their impacts far faster than big-data technology, and to evaluate areas such as emotion management, sales opportunities, and vulnerability.

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