Multi-lingual quality monitoring


    Multi-Lingual Quality


    Multi-Lingual Quality Monitoring

    A global view of call center quality – Multi-Lingual Quality

    BPA Advanced Multi-Lingual Quality Managed services are offered in 45+ languages worldwide, so we can provide our clients with a global view of their call center quality.

    Multi-Lingual Quality Monitoring – It’s important that BPA analysts provide an accurate evaluation of customer engagements, taking into account the subtleties of that language and cultural differences.

    For that reason, BPA analysts are experts in QA, native speakers of the regional language required, and have recently lived in that country. This unique capability allows us to provide outsourced QA, benchmarking and any of our services to cover your entire global footprint.

    How Culture & Language based Quality Monitoring improves traditional QA.

    • Our global services drive consistency of approach no matter where contacts are handled.
    • Understand what drives the effectiveness of services according to region or location.
    • Receive Business Intelligence that allows you to develop service delivery strategies and training.
    • Benchmark performance in real-time on product launches and critical issues on adoption and adherence.


    Discover the new approach to quality management and start boosting profits and improving customer satisfaction today.

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