Managed Speech Analytics Driven Quality Assurance


    Managed Speech Analytics


    Our Managed Speech Analytics Quality Assurance Service harnesses the power of Speech Analytics to enhance your traditional QA program.

    Speech Analytics Driven Quality AssuranceCustomer Contacts are evaluated using Speech Analytics (SA), which means you have an enterprise-wide view of performance, so you can target the calls that matter.

    By unlocking the ability to understand and drive sales and customer satisfaction, your tailored BPA Managed SA service provides deep insight and analysis with no need to purchase expensive software or servers – you pay for what you use.

    BPA Quality provides you with a team of experts to help manage the entire speech integrated QA process, ensuring the business is able to turn data into action.  Whether it’s using analytics to understand how your business is interacting with customers or focusing on agent performance, BPA Managed Speech Analytics Quality Services can help.

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    Improve Productivity & Profitability

    Managing a SA platform is a big job.  BPA provides services that can help you run your Speech platform efficiently and effectively.  We manage the process of periodic updates to the speech dictionary, phonetic tuning, and incorporation of brand-specific terms.  When not managing the platform, our analysts work with you to generate business insights from your Speech Analytics provider (Verint, Nice, Nexidia, Call Journey, etc.), discovering the “who, what, and why” of issues to drive organizational change.

    Why it works:

    • Targets the calls that matter to the customer experience for focused audits.
    • You can coach to specific behaviors.
    • Concentrates on defined quality initiatives.
    • Identifies reasons for escalations and/or callbacks.
    • It looks for emerging trends & IDs best practices.
    • It gives you more time to spend improving interactions instead of putting out fires.
    • Best of all … BPA Quality does the analysis for you.

    Discover the new approach to quality management and start boosting profits and improving customer satisfaction today.

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