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    Psychometric Quality Research


    Taking an objective view of your organization through Psychometrics (Behavioral Science Research), Contact Center Quality Assurance & CX Analytics.

    According to the American Psychological Association, Psychometrics is defined as n. the branch of psychology concerned with the quantification and measurement of mental attributes, behavior, performance, and the like, as well as with the design, analysis, and improvement of the tests, questionnaires, and other instruments used in such measurement.

    BPA Research Teams bring a behavioral, scientific approach to the measurement and development of performance in contact center quality assurance programs.

    By taking best practices and customer feedback, they are able to construct metrics that will produce successful outcomes to contacts with customers.

    The BPA Psychometric team of experts brings a scientific approach to QA. This approach starts by ensuring that the metrics being used to measure Customer Engagement and Experience are valid and correlate with successful outcomes. The second stage is interpreting data to develop predictive models of success. The third is developing behavioral profiles of successful Agents, coaches, and supervisors.

    BPA Process Development Teams identify processes that will remove barriers and enhance the customer experience as well as improving aspects such as AHT and FCR.

    Behavioral Science Research and Contact Center Quality

    Bringing science into your QA processes

    • Identifies those Agent behaviors that drive Sales, Retention and a positive Customer Experience.
    • Correlates behaviors to successful outcomes to calls so that you are sure you are measuring the right things.
    • The entire QA process is mapped to ensure that what is measured can be fed back in a way that will motivate Agents and enable them to sustain or improve performance.
    • Performance is benchmarked to similar organizations to identify gaps and to place performance into context.

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    Behavioral Science Research and Contact Center Quality


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