Improve Call Center Customer Experience

The BPA Approach

Redefining what’s possible in Call Center Quality Programs

Improve Call Center Customer Experience


The influence of the contact center and quality functions has grown over the years, and now encompasses most aspects of the business from Sales, Marketing, Product Design, Legal and Compliance, and all Customer-Facing Operations.

The BPA Quality approach is proven to deliver real competitive advantages and outstanding results for our clients and their customer-facing teams.

Clients select the scope that is needed to move their business forward. This ranges from using our state-of-the-art call center QA software technology to track and manage the development of Agents and Supervisors to using our teams of Quality Experts to evaluate and deliver insights ready for coaching or take a complete end-to-end solution using speech technology.

The BPA Quality Approach

Total Quality Solutions

  • Quality Assurance Subject Matter Experts (QA-SME) evaluate and assist in developing a quality strategy that fits your business needs and goals.
  • We help you measure the right things that drive positive agent behavior and customer satisfaction excellence.
  • Focus on all multi-channel customer interactions (calls, chats, emails, social media, and SMS).
  • Access to tools that keep your team calibrated and coaching effectively and regularly.
  • Multi-lingual and cross-cultural evaluations – the QA Human Element to improve Call Center Customer Experience.
  • Scalable solutions for rapid deployment: Call Center Quality Monitoring, Training & Development, Benchmarking, Speech Analytics & Management, Consulting, Analytics & Psychometrics Business Intelligence, and QA Software with custom dashboards & reporting.

How do we do this?

BPA Quality has analyzed and evaluated millions of customer contacts across 45 languages and multiple industries, giving us unique insights into what it takes to deliver an exceptional, effortless omnichannel customer experience.

We provide our clients with the data, trends, and actionable insight they need to make critical business decisions on customer engagement and people development strategies.

Our specialist teams are dedicated to helping organizations hold highly effective interactions with their customers whichever contact channel they select. We understand our clients’ challenges because we’ve been there ourselves. Our teams are experts in Managed Quality Assurance Services and also have vast Contact Centre Operations experience across multiple industry sectors.

Find out the latest thinking in customer experience & quality and ensure you are never behind the curve by partnering with us.

Why our clients partner with us

BPA has been the global leader in providing Managed Quality Assurance Services for contact centers worldwide for more than 30 years.

Our clients believe we are their ideal partner to deliver measurable improvements in service quality, customer experience, and compliance for the following reasons:

Quality Expertise

BPA Quality ensures our clients benefit from best practice quality processes that are directly linked to the assessment and development of each channel of customer contact.

Our specialist team

Our clients appreciate access to our highly skilled quality specialists to identify areas that enhance customer engagement and experience.

Achievement of tangible business results

Positive impacts on customer engagement, satisfaction and retention, conversion rates, brand loyalty, staff motivation, and compliance.

Worldwide experience

BPA has specialized in call center quality assurance on a global basis for over 30 years across many business sectors, including some of the world’s biggest brands.

Compliance & knowledge

Our independent quality monitoring and evaluation solutions help support our clients in delivering regulatory and compliance objectives and check knowledge transfer and accuracy.

Our technology & feedback solutions

Designed by QA people for QA people, our state-of-the-art live reporting website delivers comprehensive and analyzed results, recordings, and feedback in near real-time. These are created by our in-house software development team and are fully tailored to our clients’ requirements.

Our partnership approach

Every client’s business is unique, so we work with them to tailor our services to meet their specific business models and key drivers.

Analysis objectivity & accuracy

Independent and accurate analysis of customer-agent interactions that is fully transparent and understandable for actionable feedback & insights.

Training & development

We provide practical, common sense, training development directly linked to enhancing the performance and behavior of your customer-facing teams.

Client Results



An international airline company client saw a 36% improvement in sales process adherence.



Leading car manufacturer increased their CSAT by 30% after engaging with BPA Quality



Our last customer satisfaction survey showed 100% of our clients would be happy to recommend us to other companies.




Leading car manufacturer saw $6.2m incremental growth revenue as a result of our partnership program.



The UK’s top online train ticket retailer saw NPS improve from -40 to +15 in nine months.


A multinational company saw a 95% drop in weekly complaint calls, from 200 down to just 10, in only four months.

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